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Irwin is a simple to use software for watching videos on your desktop without accessing any web browser. To have image as one’s desktop theme is known but to have video as a wallpaper does sound interesting. Video file running on the desktop without actually playing a video player makes your desktop come to life from the stationery image wallpapers. The software makes YouTube or Dailymotion files your desktop page. You can save, watch or add new files and videos using this software. It may not sound different from other video downloaders but it is different in way that it does not require visit to web browser.

Download and installation

To download the software you have to go to the link. When the link is clicked the download begins which takes very less time depending upon the internet connection speed. The download procedure is a regular one where you are prompted to follow the download instructions, doing which the download completes. Irwin is one-time play software as it requires only extraction to launch the application every time you want to use. All you have to do is go to the folder where the executable (.exe) file is present and click on it. Since Irwin is available in Japanese and English, it allows you to choose your preference of language. Choose the language and the application launches.

Interface and usage of set video as desktop background software

Irwin has a simple window which can be understood with the simple graphical representation of its options and features. The large blank portion of the window reflects the items in a playlist. You can view the items of all the playlists at once or may choose only the new ones through the drop-down available at the top of the window.

At the bottom some of the usual video player options can be found along with the software specific ones. The first four functions from the left are to rewind playlist, pause or play the video, stop video and forward play the playlist.

The functions are grouped into three, each group with four functionalities. The second group conatins software specific functions. You can add video files present on you computer to the playlist. If you want video from internet, you need to paste the address of the source location and click get ‘YouTube /Daliymotion Files’. If you want to retain the files the ‘floppy’ represents the save option while the cross following it denotes delete fundtion.

Irwin allows you to select at once the videos which you want to display at the desktop. Once started, Irwin automatically adjusts the desktop wallpapers according to the list selected by you. While the videos run, you can enhance the visuals by completely or partially hiding the desktop icons. Also the present state can be minimised to the task bar using the minimisation function to the extreme left of the Irwin window.

You can also check out VLC media player feature to set video as desktop background.

Vital information and help about Irwin has been provided at the bottom of the window for quick access. It is meant to enhance your work-time experience by allowing you to turn your desktop into a dynamic video displayer. The simplicity of functionality and free availability of Irwin makes it a software worthy of being on your computer.

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