Windows 10 Matching 3 Game App: Back to Candyland HD

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Back to Candyland HD is a Windows 10 matching 3 game app where you have to click on a group of three or more same colored jellies or candies to eliminate them from the board. Pairing more than 3 jellies or candies gives you a super jelly with a power. The game is quite colorful and there are lots of levels to play.

The Windows 10 matching 3 game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app you will come across an interface as given in the screenshot below.

Click on the play button, to start the game. As soon as you click the play button you will be taken to the level selection screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

Start with level one and make your way through. Each level has a objective to achieve in limited number of moves. When you click on level one the game play screen will come in front of you along with the level objective. In the first level you will be shown how to remove the candies from the board. After a few moves you can continue the game on your own.

There will also be a screen like the one shown above which will tell you how many candies form what kind of a special candy. Like 4 candies will form a special candy with two lines on it, which can eliminate a whole line. 5 candies in a line will form a special candy with dots which will remove all the surrounding candies like a blast effect.

The game play screen is shown in the screenshot below.

In the above screenshot you have 17 moves left to complete this level target. The number of moves are displayed on the top left side of the game screen. Whereas, your total score so far is shown on the top right side.

The level complete screen is shown above, which displays your total score and the number of stars you earned out of three. The replay button lets you retake the level for better scores and the play button will take you to the levels screen from where you can move on to the next level.

Features of this Windows 10 matching 3 game app:

  • Matching game app.
  • Click on a group or 3 or more jellies or candies to remove them from the board.
  • Lots of levels to play.
  • More then 3 jellies or candies give you special power candies.
  • Lovely graphics.
  • Nice background music.
  • Limited number of moves in each level.


Back to Candyland HD is a fun game app to play. You have limited number of moves in every game to achieve the target. Matching maximum number of jellies or candies is quite enjoyable. The graphics of the game are pretty colorful and the background sound well suits the game. Go from level to level completing the objective of each and moving forward. The game is quite addictive and can be enjoyed by any age group.

Check out Back to Candyland HD for Windows 10 here.

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