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Memsta is a website where you can share memories of deceased loved ones. It is often considered that deceased loved ones become stars and stay with us forever. This website lets you do exactly the same. You can share memories of your lost loved ones through a star. Share their photo or video memories and even write about them. You can either keep your star private or let it be public for anyone to view their memories.

Memsta can be very helpful for people who have lost their dear ones and need to preserve their memories somewhere. All the memories are saved and can be accessed easily and anywhere with active internet connection.

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How To Create An Account Before Sharing Memories Of Deceased Loved Ones

Before you add a lost loved one as star on Memsta, you will have to register here. You can either register using your Email ID or through Facebook or Twitter. The homepage before you sign up is displayed above. You can also read a bit about Memsta before creating an account. When done, you will be directed to the page where you can add your lost loved one as a star.

How To Add A Deceased Loved One As Star

This is what the page looks like, where you can add a lost loved one as star. Begin with adding a picture. You can either select the profile to beĀ Public or Private. Add name, a short description, and lastly the birth date and last date. The preview of star is displayed on the right hand side of the entry panel.

Once done with creating the profile, scroll down and click the Add option.

After adding the profile, you can invite a friend to contribute to memories. You just need to add their name and email address to send invite.

Now, let’s see, how you can add memories to a star.

How To Add Memory To Your Star

This is what the profile of your star will look like. This is where you can add and view all the memories of your star. The Memories field is empty by default.

Scroll down and click on Add New Entry to proceed to add a memory.

Here, you will get 3 options to add memory. You can either enter a text entry, a photo or video memory, or add an entry to journal.

You can add a text entry for your star. The word limit is 1000 words for it. Once done, click on Add option.

A memory entry can be either photo or a video. You can add up to 4 photos from your PC in a single photo memory. Video memory can be uploaded from your PC or you can use YouTube video URL for the same.

A journal entry can be added for any special event or date. Here, you get asked specific questions about the special day as displayed above.

When you add events and photo to share memories of deceased loved ones, you can view them as displayed above on the star’s profile.

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How To Find A Star

You can find a star by their name. To find a star added by others, click on the Discover icon which is displayed in the above picture at the top right corner. Now begin writing the name of star and click the search icon. Let me remind you that only Public stars will be visible here or the stars shared with you.

When a star is found, it is displayed as above. Click on its name to view its profile.

That is all about this amazing website to share memories of deceased loved ones through a star.

Closing Words

Memsta can be a great help for people coping up with the loss of their loved ones. Sharing photos and text about the person can help you keep their memories alive.

Access Memsta here.

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