9 Free Websites to Learn Maths for Kids

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Here is a list of 9 free websites to learn Maths for kids. These websites make math learning a fun experience for your kids. All of these websites use various methods to make it a fun time for your kids to learn mathematics and its concepts. They cover almost all the basic concepts like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, percentage, fraction, etc.. There are various games, activities, tests, questionnaire, etc. for your kids to explore. They are so many that your kids will never have enough of it.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. Math Exercises for Kids:

Math Exercises for Kids

As you have an idea from the name, the website Math Exercises for Kids has a collection of various exercises for your kids to do. You can browse the activities on the basis of age. There are following age groups: 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, and 10-11. These age groups further have two categories: Easy and Difficult. Depending on the chosen age group, you will find different concepts. For example if you choose age group 8-9, you will find the concepts like Ordering Numbers up to 1000, Counting by Steps, Mystery Numbers, Writing Numbers up to 1000, Word Problems, etc..

For solving the problems, you’ve to enter the solution and click on the Check button to get result instantly while if you’re not sure about the correct answer, click on the Correct Answer button. Apart from these questions, the website also organizes various competitions for all the age groups from time to time where they can test their skills.

2. CoolMath4Kids:


CoolMath4Kids is the website to learn Maths for kids which has all the activities categorized on the basis of Maths concepts. Some of them are Fractions, Addition, Number Monster, Time Tables, Subtraction, Long Division, Polyhedra, etc.. The website provides kids with a detailed look at all the concepts. For example if you choose subtraction, then website explains almost everything like How Subtraction Works, Yardstick Arithmetic, Place Value Review,  Two/Three Digit Subtraction, etc.. This way, you can see that the website is taking care of everything including even the basic concepts.

3. Kidzone:


Kidzone is the website which has all the activities and games divided on the basis of grade level, activity level, theme, and holiday & seasons. For the grades, there are worksheets for pre-school, kindergarten, and grades 1 to grades 5. On selecting the category of your choice, you will see the corresponding activities and other educational resources for helping your kids learn things better and easily. There are also various worksheets available which your kids can try to solve and see if they know and understand the concepts well.

4. Kids Numbers:

Kid Numbers

As the name suggests, Kids Numbers website is focused on helping your kids learn numbers and operations which can be performed on them. For all the operations, there are two sections: Let’s Prepare and Let’s Practice. The Let’s Prepare section is for helping your kid learn how to perform that particular section. The complete preparation thing is divided on the weekly basis like what they have to do each week. On the other hand, the Let’s Practice section includes various activities and games for your kids to practice whatever they have learned.

5. Kids Math Games Online:

Kids Math Games Online

Kids Math Games Online is the website with the largest collection of educational resources to help learn Maths for kids. It has following major sections: Numbers, Geometry, Facts, Worksheets, Videos, Quizzes, Pictures, and Fun Stuff. For each of the section, there are various things for your kids to try out which are related to concepts. Some of them are Mathematical Operations, Measurement Games, Building Blocks, Visual Geometry Test, Shapes, etc..

6. IXL.com:


IXL.com is a website which provides numerous practice sets for your kids to try out on Mathematics. You can browse the practice tests on the basis of grade and then the particular concept. The website has practice tests for all, starting from Pre-Kindergarten to the 12th grade. For each grade, you can also see the number of practice tests included. On selecting the grade, You will see all the concepts included in it and each of the concepts has multiple practice tests. You can see that it is really easy to find out the practice tests for your particular grade and concept.

You can also hover the mouse over any concept to see the sample problem. While taking the tests, your kid has to solve the problems shown on the screen with total points earned displayed on the right side. There is also a counter which shows the time getting elapsed in solving the problems. The marks are awarded out of 100.

7. Math Cats:

Math Cats

Math Cats is a website which has various games and activities which help your kids to learn Mathematical concepts in a fun way. There are no categories or divisions on the basis of grades. The website has following categories: Explore, MicroWorlds, Crafts, Art Gallery, and Attic. The website is basically games and activities, so under each category, you’ll find interesting games and activities for your kids. Some of them are Crossing the River, How old are you?, Elapsed time calculator, Balance, Polygon Playground, etc.. All of the available activities are fun to explore and do for your kids.

8. A Maths Dictionary for Kids:

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

As the name suggests, this website is the Maths Dictionary for Kids. The website offers the meaning of complex mathematical terms in a very simple language along with diagrams and fun activities. You just have to choose the alphabet and you will see all the Mathematical words listed under it. To check the meaning, click on the word and website will show you the meaning as well as the example and a photo to make it easier to understand. This way, you can check for any word you want.

9. Mocomi:


Mocomi is another website in the list which offers games, worksheets, and puzzles. There are 3 filters which you can use to zero-in on the educational resource you’re looking for. The filters are Media, Age, and Popular. The Media includes Interactive, Learning Pod, and Reading Pod. Besides this, you can also go to each of the resources to see the details like the topic, age group, and type of Media. To give you an idea, the Learning Pod includes content focused on learning part which includes the concept and examples. The Reading Pod has concepts which are only for reading the purpose and the Interactive media includes resource with which you can also interact.

These are the 9 websites to learn Mathematics for kids. Check them out and help your kids learn Mathematics’ concepts in an easy and fun way.

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