Free Privacy Auditor to Create Https, Cookies, SRI Report for any Website

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With Free Privacy Audit by Osano, you can create HTTPS, cookies, SRI, local storage, referrer, and content security report. Here you generate the free privacy report in PDF format and download on that on your PC. And you can do that for any website and after getting the detailed report, you can do whatever you want. To scan your website for privacy related issues, you just have to give it the URL and then it will scan the website for you. It will email you the report that you can analyze and then take further steps to fix the privacy issues if there are any.

Privacy is really a big issue in case of websites. Because good browser like Chrome can now warn if you are proceeding to an unsecure websites even if its isn’t(due to poorly managed certificates). To make sure that your website doesn’t fall into that category, you can do a quick privacy scan. And then tool I have mentioned here will help you. You just submit website URL and start the scan. Analyze PDF report that it generates and emails you to get an overview of various privacy related aspects of your website. This is a good tool too if you are working on some client websites.

Privacy Auditor to Create Https, Cookies, SRI Report for any Website

Free Privacy Auditor to Create HTTPS, Cookies, SRI Report for any Website

To do a privacy scan on a website, you don’t have to create an account here. But you will have to provide your email address here in order to get the final report. To scan a website, simply go to its homepage and enter the URL of the website. Next, you specify your name and email address and schedule the scan. It will take a few minutes to scan your websites and then it finishes, the report will be emailed to you.

osano privacy auditor

Get the PDF file that it emails you and then open it. You will see the detailed report of the privacy scan on the website there. Open the PDF file or simply download it on your PC. Various results do the privacy scan are listed in the various section of the report documents. You can analyze all those stats and see which one are not correctly configured on your website.

Osano Privacy Audit

In this way, you can use this simple and effective online privacy auditor for any website to scan various HTTPS and cookies related parameters. The scan finishes in a few minutes and if you want to re-scan your website then you can do that after a few hours. It is simple as that.

Final thoughts

If you want to scan your websites for privacy issues then the tool by Osano is one of the best that you can try. You just submit URL of your websites and get the privacy scan results to do that you want. It is simple as that. The report is very details and will help you understand various privacy issues on your website if there are any.

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