Free Google Maps Scraper to get business Name, Phone, Address, Site

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Outscraper is a free online tool to scrape business information from Google Maps. Here you can use this online tool to scrape all the public information about businesses in Excel. It takes a search query and location parameters from you and then returns the matching results in a file that you can download. You can search businesses by type or through a search term.

Apart from location and business type, you can also opt to filter the results by language, postal code, city, and some others. There is a simple online UI for this Google Maps Scraper and you just have to fill out some fields to schedule a task. After you submit a search query to find businesses, it will schedule it and as soon as the data becomes available, you can download that.

Google Maps Scraper of Outscraper comes as an API as well. So, in case you want to integrate this in your applications, then you can do that. For that, you can go through the API documentation and then implement it in any programming language. In the free plan, you can query information of 500 businesses and if you need more than that then you can always subscribe to a premium plan.

Google Maps Scraper to get businesses Name, Phone, Address, Site

Free Google Maps Scraper to get business Name, Phone, Address, Reviews

Start by creating a free account on the main Outscraper website here. After that, you simply need to go to the Google Maps section and from there you can use this scraper. But before that, make sure that you verify your email, otherwise it will not work. Here is the complete list of parameters that it can scrape for any business.

  • Name – name of the place on Google Maps.
  • Site – website of the place.
  • Type – the type of the place under which it was found.
  • Subtypes – all types of the place.
  • Category – the main type of the place (sometimes might be in a local language).
  • Phone – place phone number.
  • Full address – full address of the place location.
  • Borough – borough of the place location.
  • Street – street of the place location.
  • City – city of the place location.
  • Postal_code – postal code of the place location.
  • State – state of the place location.
  • Country – country of the place location.
  • Country Code – country code of the place location.
  • Geolocation– Get latitude and longitude of the place location.
  • Reviews per score – JSON object with reviews per score.
  • Time Zone – timezone of the place location.
  • Rating – rating of the place.
  • Reviews – number of reviews
  • Reviews link – link to the place’s reviews.
  • Photos count – number of photos from the place.
  • Photo – image link of the place.
  • Street_view – image link of the place street view.
  • Working hours – JSON object with working hours of the place.
  • Owner ID – unique identifier of the place owner.
  • Reservation links – link to make reservation.
  • Booking appointment link – link to book appointment.
  • Menu link – link to menu.
  • Order links – link to place an order.
  • Location link – link to the place on Google Maps.
  • Reviews ID – unique identifier of the places’ reviews.

Now, you enter the information in the scraper UI to let it gather the businesses. Enter the business category and you can enter multiple business types as well, even the custom ones. Next, you specify the location, refine the result by entering the state and city and then proceed to specify the number of results to scrape.

Outscraper specify business information to scrape

If you want to further filter the results, then you can do that. Expand the “Advanced parameters” section and then select the filters. You can opt to filter the results by city, language, and pin code. Finally, you specify the output file format and then hit the “Get Data” button to push your task in the queue.

Outscraper Scraping Task added to queue

After few seconds, you can check the “Tasks” section on the website. If it has scraped all the data, then you will know it and download the Excel file. Open the file and in this, you can see all the information about the businesses matching your query.

Outscraper Download the Scraped Data

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful Google Maps Scraper for free. All you have to do is just simply create as task and submit it. Depending on the complexity of the scraping task, you will get the results sooner or later. In the final data, it includes review IDs that you can use to scrape reviews on those businesses. For scraping reviews, there is a dedicated tool in Outscraper that you will have to use, which takes review IDs as input.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a tool to get information of multiple businesses from your area or from anywhere in the world, then you are at the right place. Just use this simple Maps scraper here and get it done in just a few seconds. I think the limit of free plan is the best suited for individuals and small use case. But if you need to scrape information of a lot of business, then you can consider the pro version pf Outscraper as well.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 3.3]

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