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ChatGPT Prompt Generator is a free online tool that assists you in generating better quality ChatGPT prompts that in turn help you to yield good quality content. It boasts of a simple yet intuitive interface with the ability to generate ChatGPT prompts based on specific requirements.

ChatGPT Prompt generator asks you to fill a form with 3 important fields – (Act as a) Role, (Create a ) Task and (Show as) Format based on the prompt that you wish to generate. For example, if you are a Marketer who is looking to create a sales copy then you can fill the Role as Marketer, Task as sales copy and in the Format field, you can input Rich text to generate a great ChatGPT prompt and use it. Similarly, if you are a beginner Programmer, then you can file the corresponding Role and, in the Task, and Format fields, you can input Code and Python respectively if you wish to generate some simple programs in ChatGPT. Once, the prompt has been generated, you can easily copy it with a single click and use it in ChatGPT to generate the desired content.


1. Click on this link to navigate to ChatGPT Prompt Generator. No registration or sign up is required to use this tool.

2. As discussed above, type the Role, Task and Format in the corresponding fields and click on ‘Generate’.


3. The ChatGPT prompt will be generated instantly on the screen. Just click on ‘Copy Prompt, paste it in ChatGPT and go ahead and create the required content.


Closing Comments:

ChatGPT Prompt Generator is a simple and light-weight tool that helps you to create structured ChatGPT prompts easily and quickly by describing the Role, Task and Format which is one of the most efficient ways in creating good quality prompts that generate suitable content for you.

Go ahead and try out the tool and observe the content that is generated in ChatGPT. Let us know what you think. Click here to navigate to ChatGPT Prompt GeneratorClick here to try out Fusion AI, which is yet another free prompt engineering web application based on Open AI’s GPT that helps you in generating enhanced GPT prompts.

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