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Tubeats is a free online music video player and organizer that helps you discover new music based on your favorite music artists. It has a very simple interface with minimum elements but maximum functionality. You just have to enter the bands or artists you listen to. Tubeats will provide you with bands or artists that sound the same or are placed in the same genre of music. You can add as many artists as you like for searching undiscovered music better.

Tubeats will fetch the most proximate video based on your search. In addition to discovering new artists/bands, it will also provide you with songs that are trending on the internet at the moment. So now, you won’t stay behind to check out what the whole world is whistling to. You can also browse music by category as well as the artist.


One awesome feature of Tubeats is that it provides you a ‘Magicplaylist where the playlist will be generated based on similar genre and style of music. Awesome isn’t it? And of-course you can compose a playlist manually.

So let’s take a better look at Tubeats. You should definitely check out this globally playing music player too.

How to Discover New Music on Tubeats


When you register with Tubeats, you will be asked to enter your favorite artists, a minimum of 3. When you do, Tubeats will fetch you related artists/bands on the Discover tab. You can access the Discover tab from the left hand side. On the Discover tab, you’ll see a couple of shelves with lined up artists pertaining to that section. On the top you’ll find the section of ‘Discover New Artist‘, The rest of the sections are dedicated to the artists similar to what you entered initially.


When you click on a musician under Discover New Artists, you will be provided with a list of their songs. You can play them manually or add them or build a playlist with them. Clicking on musicians under ‘Based on‘ sections will load that song in the player below and add similar songs in the queue.

The music player has the same functions like in every player. It has a play, forward, backward, volume, add to favorite and queue functions on the interface. The video will play on the bottom left hand, which you can enlarge by clicking on it.

How to Browse Top Hits and Songs based on Categories and Artists


On this free online music player, Top Hits tab contains songs that are trending right now. To listen to them, browse that tab and you can experiment with the list. You can browse your favorite music genres from the Categories tab and similarly, check out your added bands/artists from the Artists tab.

Playing the Magic Playlist on Tubeats


The ‘Magic‘ tab will ask you to enter an artist’s name. When you do, it will populate a playlist based on the style and genre of the music with different bands/artists. The only drawback is that you’ll have to manually add it to a playlist. To do that, click on the dotted lines at the end of a song and click Add to Playlist.

Final Words

There is no question that this free online music video player deserves 5 stars based on the music style and genre rounding that it does. As an audiophile, I am lucky to find this web service since looking for music based on the style I listen to, was tedious. Now it’s only a step away. The only problem with Tubeats is that it doesn’t load quickly. Since it is still in its Beta phase, I think its better to overlook it.

Try Tubeats here.  

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