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Solon (beta) is a free website to create a music room and share it with friends. In your music room, you can search and add songs to build a playlist, and enjoy listening to those songs with friends in sync. Real-time syncing is also possible, but it depends on the Internet connection of all users. Otherwise, it will take a short delay to play/pause the song, jump to a particular position of the song on the devices of all users who have joined the room.

It lets you search for songs within the room. It takes help of Vimeo, SoundCloud, and YouTube to search songs and stream those songs. All people who have joined the room will also be able to add songs to your room.

You can also allow guests to join your room and enjoy the music. However, guests will be able to join the room only for 30 minutes.

create music room and enjoy music with friends in syncing

In the above screenshot, you can see the room created by me using this website. No matter how far you are from your friends, you and your friends can enjoy the playlist in sync.

We have also covered some other similar websites: SpeakerBlast and MusicNectar.

Important Features:

  • You can jump to the source location of any song and play that song in a new tab.
  • All people who have joined the room can vote up any particular song available in the playlist.
  • On the right side of your music room, you can see the total number of people and name of the people who have joined your music room.

How to Create Music Room and Enjoy Music with Friends in Syncing using This Free Website?

Open the homepage of this website and sign up. You may use the link available at the end of this review to open its homepage.

sign up

After sign up, you need to create your personal music room. For this, you need to add a room key on the available option. Furthermore, you can also set name for your room. Apart from this, you can also allow guests to access your room, and enable the option to let others find your room.

create your music room and share with friends

After setting up your room, share the music room URL with people you want.

Now open your room and add songs to your room for creating the music playlist. You can add songs either by pasting the link or by searching for a particular song using keywords. Search results will show the songs available on YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. Use the ADD button and this way you can create your playlist with your favorite songs.

search for the songs and add to playlist

Now wait for your friends to join your music room.

After this, when you will play the song, your friends can also listen to that particular song in syncing. Although your friends can also play/pause and move song forward/backward, it will break the syncing process. They will come back to syncing when you will take a particular action, like pause and resume the music or jump to a particular position of the song.

When the playlist is over, all songs will be removed from the playlist, and you will need to add more songs.


Solon is an interesting website for sharing the music with friends in sync. However, I think it should have provided the option to store the playlist, so that users can play it again next time. Moreover, it would be great if users can chat with each other within the room. Overall, I really liked this website and can recommend you to try it.

Check out Solon website for free.

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