5 Free Websites to Build App Screeshots for App Store

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to build app screenshots for App Store.

Using these websites, you’ll be able to easily create beautiful app screenshots for posting them on Apple App Store. These websites allow you choose different iPhone models and then import your app screenshots from PC to combine them into a perfect screenshot which you can export and add to App Store. Some of these websites also let you add custom text caption at the top or bottom of the screenshots for making them even more impressive. One of the best features of these websites is that they don’t imprint any watermark to the resulting app screenshots.

If you’re an app developer, then you might be aware that one of the ways to increase app downloads is by adding great looking app screenshots. So, now you can use any of these websites to create perfect and stunning app screenshots for App Store.

app launchpad

App Launchpad:

App Launchpad is probably one of the best screenshot builder websites to create beautiful app screenshots for App Store. It offers 5 different templates named, Caption Above, Caption Below, Full Device, Full Device Caption Above, and Full Device Caption Below which you can use for your app screenshots. After selecting a template, you can choose a device color among iPhone White, Black, Gold, Rose, Cally White, Drab White, Drab Black, Tricia White, and Tricia Black. Then you can import multiple screenshots and choose a different template and device color for each screenshot.

app launchpad

The best part of this website is that it lets you completely customize the app screenshots by adding custom text caption, select different text color, choose different screenshots background color, change the text font, text size, and text weight. It offers 14 different text fonts including Tahoma, Times, Verdana, Georgia, Impact, Arial, etc. Another useful feature is that you can apply various color filters to all your app screenshots to make them look beautiful. When you’re done with creating app screenshots, you can export them as PNG files compressed within a ZIP file for free. One more thing, the exported PNG files will include app screenshots for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

App Screenshot:

App Screenshot is another amazing website to build stunning app screenshots for App Store. It offers templates for 7 different iPhone models: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. When you select the device template, it also lets you select the color of the device. For example, you can choose iPhone 5 White, iPhone 6 Black, etc. The available colors are: White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red (not all colors are available for all the devices). After that, you can choose a custom color for the screenshot background and then proceed to add text caption.


You can type a custom text and then customize it by changing the text color, text font, text size, bold or italic formatting, and position the text at center, left, or right. Currently, it offers 10 different text fonts such as Aller, Exo, Amble, Quicksand, Nobile, etc. You can also choose where you want to place the text caption on the screenshot. For example, you can place the text at the top, at the center, or at the bottom of the screenshot. When you’ve selected all the customization option, you can import an image from PC and then download the resulting app screenshot. It actually sends you a link to your email id for downloading the ZIP file with your screenshots. Another interesting part of this website is that the downloaded ZIP file will include the screenshot in 4 different resolutions: iPhone 3.5, iPhone 4.7 Retina, iPhone 4 Retina, and iPhone 5.5 Retina.


Appscreens.io is another powerful website which you can use to create app screenshots for App Store. The iDevices are limited to iPhone 6 Silver, iPhone 6 Space Grey, iPad Air 2 Silver, and iPad Air 2 Space Grey which you can use for building app screenshots. But, if offers powerful customization like you can add text caption, change text font, text formatting (bold, italic, or regular), text size, and choose any color you want for the text. You can choose from more than 500 text fonts including Lato, Open Sans, Roboto, Slavo, Abel, Oswald, Alike, Antic, Anton, and so on. You can also choose the text caption position either as Top or Bottom of the screenshots.


In addition to that, it lets you change the background of the app screenshots either by selecting a different color, or adding a gradient, and you can even add your own image as the background. This website lets you import 5 images at once and customize them individually before generating the app screenshots. Another interesting thing about this website is that while exporting the screenshots, you can choose more devices like i.e. iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 Plus. I don’t know why they don’t allow choosing these devices while customizing the screenshots. The output images will be downloaded as PNG files within a ZIP file.

iPhone Screenshot Maker:

iPhone Screenshot Maker is a simple website which can be used to create app screenshots for App Store with ease. It offers frames for the following devices: Apple Watch, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, iPad Mini, and Mac. After selecting a frame, it also allows you to choose a screenshot angle among portrait, landscape, sideways, etc. After that, you can customize the screenshot appearance by shadow, reflection effect, overwriting status bar with the frame layout, and choosing a custom size for the output image.

iphone screenshot maker

Once you’re done with customization options, you can proceed and import images from your PC. You can import up to 10 images with a maximum size of 2 MB for each image. After that, it will process the image over the select frame and screenshot angle, and then you can download the output image directly as a transparent PNG file. One of the important features that this website lacks is the option for adding text caption. Otherwise, it is a great website for creating app screenshots for App Store. However, if you would like to add text option, then you can build your screenshots using this website and use different online photo editors to do the same.


MockuPhone is quite similar to the website iPhone Screenshot Maker and lets you create app screenshots for App store with different frame angles i.e. portrait, sideways, and landscape. It provides screenshot templates for the following iDevices: iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Air 2. Each device also comes with different colors such as you can select the iPhone 5C color as Blue, Red, Green, White, and Yellow, or iPhone 6S Plus as Gold, Rose Gold, Space Grey, and Silver. In the same manner, you can choose all the all the devices with different colors associated with them.


After selecting a template, it will ask you to drag and drop an image or multiple images using which you want to create the app screenshots. When you’re done, simply hit the “Generate Product Mockup” button and it will automatically create the app screenshots with the uploaded images. Then you can feed your email id to get the download link for your screenshots. One of the best features of this app is that you don’t have to manually select the screenshot frame angles, as it will automatically include them in your downloaded ZIP file (if available for the selected device). This website also doesn’t have any native option for adding text caption at the top or bottom of the screenshots.

My Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for free websites to create stunning app screenshots for App Store, then start using any of the websites mentioned in this post. These websites can come handy in case you want to make beautiful screenshots for your apps on App Store and also to stand out from other similar apps. Personally, I find App Launchpad more useful as it comes with powerful customization options and more devices to use for app screenshots.

Go ahead and try them all, and let me know which website you like the most.

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