4 Free Stock Market Simulator Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 4 free stock market simulator apps for iPhone which you can use to get some knowledge about stock market without investing any real money.

Stock market is the market or place where the transactions of shares (securities) takes place between buyers and sellers. Everyday, millions of people buy and sell shares of different companies. Stock market is a place in which if you invest wisely, then you can even become a millionaire but only a single mistake can make you loose all the wealth accumulated by you. So, it becomes very vital to understand the market and the mechanisms that take place there to have a steady growth and this can only be achieved with regular transactions. But this can prove to be risky if you are a novice and investing real money. So, I have come up with 4 free stock market simulator apps for iPhone which will help you in understanding the concept of real share market by investing virtual money. In these games, everything is real like the stock updates, gain and loss, etc. but the only thing fake is the money part which you have to invest. It means that you can do whatever you want to do as there is no chance of losing anything and hone your stock market trading skills directly from your iPhone.

1. TradeHero Mobile:


The first stock market simulator app for iPhone is TradeHero Mobile. It is one of the most efficient and updated stock market simulating app available out there. In this game, you will start with $100,000 portfolio and your aim is to become the person with the highest earnings. The game lets you trade in 22 different stock markets with real time updates like: NYSE (USA), SGX (Singapore), NASDAQ+PINK+AMEX (USA), ASX (Australia), NZX (New Zealand), BSE (India), etc. The app has different sections for you to monitor the stock updates: All Securities, Trending Securities, Unusual Volumes and Price Action.

You can buy and sell the shares just like people do in reality. You can also check the details about any company before investing to get an idea about whether its profitable to invest in it or not.

Get TradeHero Mobile here.

2. Stock Market Simulator Lite:

Stock Market Simulator Lite

The next app in the list is Stock Market Simulator Lite. This app lets you trade only in United States stock market with $10,000 as the starting money for investment. Since this app is focused on US stock market, hence it also follows the same rules and norms which are followed there in reality. The app has Chat feature where you can interact with other users of the app. You can discuss anything related to stock market with them and even get your confusions clarified. The Chat feature is like a forum page.

You can search for the shares of any company using the search bar. While analyzing the situation of any company, you can take help from any of the various finance tools like: Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Financial Blogs, Market Pulse, Balance sheet, etc.

Get Stock Market Simulator Lite here.

3. Student Stock Trader:

Student Stock Trader

The Student Stock Trader is the app which lets you filter the companies for investing on the basis of %Change, NYSE, NASDAQ, Health, Energy, and shares with price less than $20. In this game, you have a starting amount of $50,000. The unique thing about this app is that it lets you create multiple mini games. It means that you can invite your friends and others to compete with you. You can also join games created by others. The app lets you set the start and end date for each game created by you and at the end of the game, the investor with highest amount of earnings wins the game. You can also choose to play it all alone if you don’t want to compete with others.

Get Student Stock Trader here.

4. TradeFields:


The final stock market simulator app for iPhone is TradeFields. This app is different from other apps in terms of starting virtual money that it offers. The starting virtual money offered by this app is $10,000,000. The app has three main options: Quotes, News, and Trade. You can check for latest share prices of any company from Quote option while the News sections displays comments from other users. You can also post your comments from here. The last option Trade lets you do the trading of shares.

Get TradeFields here.

These were the 4 free stock market simulator apps for iPhone using which you can practice your trading skills of share market. Try them out and don’t forget to mention the name of the app which you liked the most.

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