5 Free iPhone Apps To Play Various Musical Instrument

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Here is a list of 5 free iPhone apps to play various musical instrument. You can play different instruments like guitar, piano, drum set etc. to generate your own music tune.

These apps are very much entertaining and it’s really fun to use them. If you want to share the music created by you then you can also do so from within the apps.

Some of these apps also have their paid versions which you can buy any time from within the app to get access to advance features.

1. GarageBand:


GarageBand is one of the most popular iPhone apps to play various musical instruments. This app comes loaded with various musical instruments like Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Strings etc. Some of these are free while others are paid ones. Each of these instruments comes with different versions of products of similar type. You can save the tunes created by you for listening to them in future. The app has an interesting feature using which you can record any voice and then add funny effects to it.

Get the GarageBand app here.

2. Music Sparkles:

Music Sparkles

Music Sparkles is the second app in the list of iPhone apps to play various musical instrumentThis app provides you 14 instruments which you can play to make your tunes. In the free version of the app, you can only play xylophone and drum set while to play the rest of the instruments you need to buy the paid version. The instruments given in the free version are also very good for playing music tunes. The music generated by the instruments was of good quality with no breaking in sound or any other problem.

Get the Music Sparkles app here.

3. Fingertip Maestro Free:

Fingertip Maestro Free

The Fingertip Maestro Free is an unique type of instrument playing app for iPhone. In this app, you will see some colorful strips on the screen. You need to swipe you fingers on these strips in vertical and horizontal direction to produce the music. The app supports various instruments like piano, guitar, strings, drums, bass guitar etc. but you can play only piano in free version. The app lets you record the music produced by you. You can then share the recorded music on this app as well as on Soundcloud, email, Facebook, Twitter.

Get the Fingertip Maestro Free app here.

4. MusicBurst Free:

MusicBurst Free

The fourth app in the list is MusicBurst Free. This app has a total of 6 instruments out of which 3 instrument are available for playing with the free version. The instruments available in free version are: Drum set, Electric Guitar, and Xylophone. Besides these 3 instruments, the app also supports Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone, and Grand Piano which you can enjoy by upgrading to paid version.

Get the MusicBurst Free app here.

5. Kids Musical Instruments :

Kids Music Instruments

Next and final app is Kids Musical Instruments. In this app, you will get a total of 7 instruments: Xylophone, Guitar, Drum Set, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet and Flute. The app lets you play and record the xylophone with the free version. The upgrade to the paid version can be done from within the app.

Get the Kids Musical Instruments app here.

These were the 5 free iPhone apps to play various musical instrument which you can use to create and play the music tunes of your choice. If you want to enjoy more then you can upgrade to the paid version any time from within the app. Try these apps and do share with me that which app impressed you the most.

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