5 Free Escape The Room Puzzle Games For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free escape the room puzzle games for iPhone which you can play for free at anytime and wherever you want.

The escape the room puzzle games are the games in which you are captured in a room and you have to escape it. You need to apply your logical thinking skills, brain, analyzing skills to monitor the whole room and then find the way to escape the room. The key for your escape from the room can be anywhere inside the room, so you need to be alert all the time while playing these games. These games can really prove to be a real brain exercise as well as entertaining while you are getting bored or looking for  some real brain challenge.

1. The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms:

The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms

The first escape the room puzzle game for iPhone is The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms. The storyline of this game revolves around a girl called Anne and a wealthy toy maker. The toy maker had a mansion and a dark secret but the toy maker disappears from his mansion as well as the secret. Now, your aim is to help the girl Anne in finding the dark secret of toy keeper in his mansion.

The puzzle consists of floors arranged in the form of puzzle games. You need to arrange the floors in such a way that you can find the way out of one room to next room. During your journey of finding the secret, you will find many magical items which will help you in escaping the rooms and will also make the journey interesting and full of suspense with excitement.

Get The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms here.

2. Sapphire Room Escape:

 Sapphire Room Escape

The next escape the room puzzle game for iPhone is Sapphire Room Escape. In this game, you are captured in a room and you need to escape it by collecting different items present inside the room. All the items are hidden so you need to look for every detail to reveal them. Besides this, the game room also has sapphires spread across it which you also need to collect. All the sapphires and items are hidden in the room in such a way that you need to be very attentive to find all of them. The game also has timer which keeps a record of time taken by you to escape the room.

Get Sapphire Room Escape here.

3. Can You Escape:

Can You Escape

The Can You Escape game consists of 8 different levels and 2 bonus levels. You can go to next level only if you clear the previous level. The rules for clearing any level is same that you need to look for objects and hints in the room to escape it. Each of the level consists of various rooms which you need to escape in order to complete the level. Apart from finding the hidden items, you also need to use them effectively to get through the rooms and continue your journey in the game.

Get Can You Escape here.



The fourth escape the room game for iPhone is DOOORS. This game has a total of 80 levels to test your brain power and skills. This is unique game as in this game, you need to do various activities to escape the rooms like tilting the iPhone, shaking the iPhone etc. The game looks very easy in the beginning but as you get past a few doors very quickly you realize that the game becomes tougher and challenging. This game is one of those puzzle game that will definitely make you scratch your brain for escaping the rooms.

Get DOOORS here.

5. Escape If You Can:

Escape If You Can

The last game of the list is Escape If You Can. In this game, you are trapped on floors instead of the rooms as compared to other games. There are a total of 9 floors which you need to escape to complete the game. Similar to other games, you need to collect hidden items and look for clues to escape each of the floor. This game is also quite interesting and challenging just like all the other games in this list.

Get Escape If You Can here.

Here, I conclude my list of 5 free escape the room puzzle games for iPhone. Play these games and check how smart you are and how fast can you escape the room. It will be both fun and challenging to play these games for you and don’t forget to mention the name of the game which challenged you the most.

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