5 Online XML Validator Free Websites

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Here are 5 free online XML validator websites. You can start validation test for XML syntax, DTD or XML schema present in the input XML code and then get the result. The result will come as valid XML or errors. These websites also let you check all the lines and columns which contain errors, give you suggestions to correct errors, and edit the input XML file content to do the corrections. After that, you can copy the correct code or directly save it as a new XML file.

These websites also come with some other useful features. For example, you can upload XML file directly from PC, upload XML schema file (if website supports this feature), save output as XML file or copy output to clipboard, add online XML file for validation check, etc.

Let’s check these free XML validator websites one by one.

XML Validation

XML Validation

XML Validation (Homepage) is a simple website but the features are pretty helpful. You can upload XML file from PC or simply paste its code in the given box. It lets you validate XML data against DTD or XML schema. You need to select the available option to validate XML data against the XML schema and then enter the code of XML schema or upload XML schema file from PC to check XML validation.

If errors are found, it shows the list of all those lines where the errors have occurred. Apart from that, it also helps how you can correct the errors. Moreover, you can even edit the input code and then perform its validation again. When the XML data is error free, you can save the code to clipboard.


FreeFormatter.com website interface

FreeFormatter.com also comes with a handy XML validation feature. The advantage of this website over Code Beautify or other XML validators is you can perform XML data validation against XML schemas or XML syntax. If the XML data is valid, then it can be parsed easily. If there are errors, then it shows line and column number for each error and also gives suggestions to resolve the error. You can do corrections and then save the valid XML data to the clipboard.

Another benefit of this website is you have the choice to upload input XML file as well as XML schema or simply paste the data of XML file and XML schema and begin the XML validation process. The only thing to be considered is the input and XML schema file size should not be greater than 2 MB.


xmlGrid.net homepage

xmlGrid.net is a very simple website which is handy enough to check well-formedness of an online XML file and XML file stored on your PC. The features to load XML file directly from PC or add an online XML for validation makes it more useful. Sometimes, it failed to upload XML document from PC but the good thing is you can paste XML data on the given box if upload option doesn’t work.

If the input XML is well-formed, then you don’t have to do anything. If not, it will show which line(s) contain error and how to fix that error. After doing the corrections, you can again use Check Syntax button to find if XML is valid. When the output is well-formed, copy output to clipboard and then save it. A “Validate” button is also available which is there to check XML data against XML schema for validation, but this option didn’t work for me. So, I find that the website is mainly useful when you need to check XML data validation for syntax.

XML Validator Online

XML Validator Online

XML Validator Online (Homepage) is also a good competitor to rest of the XML validator websites. The website is in beta but works quite well. It lets you add XML file from PC and then check it against XML schema, DTD, or syntax. One more useful feature is you can also select the charset (UTF-8, UTF-16, etc.). Set the input options and use Check button for the result.

If the output is valid, it’s well and good. If not, it will show lines and columns where the errors have occurred and give you suggestions to fix them. Finally, you can copy the output and save it for later use.

Code Beautify XML Validator Tool

Code Beautify XML Validator

Code Beautify also provides a very helpful XML validator tool. This tool provides an option to load an online XML file or upload XML from PC. After that, you can press Validate button and see if there are errors. If errors are found, it will show where the errors occurred and also provide suggestions to resolve those errors. The website also provides a right section where you can paste the XML code and then start the corrections.

The options to save XML data online and share it with others also available. You can use those options if interested. When the XML data comes as valid, you can use Download button to save the output XML file. This website’s tool doesn’t give you the option to check XML validation against the XML schema present in the input XML. Still, this tool is handy enough to check input XML data for syntax, found errors and correct them.

You may also check some best free XML editor websites covered by us.

The Conclusion:

Whenever you need to check if your XML file or data is well-formed, these websites will help you. Validating the XML data is pretty simple with all these websites. The best part is all websites also give suggestions to fix the errors. Try these XML validator websites and use the best one that fits your needs.

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