2 Free Windows 10 Stylish Text Generator Apps

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This article covers 2 free Windows 10 stylish text generator apps. These apps can make any normal looking text look like a piece of art. These apps can come in handy when you want to create stylish text instead of going with the regular fonts. These apps let you create stylish text and also let you save it to your computer in image format. You can then easily share these stylized text images with your friends or post it on social media to show your creativity.

You can also make a business name or company name stylish using these apps. Both these apps are free to download and use. As these are free apps you will come across some ads in each one. Let’s go ahead and look at these free Windows 10 stylish text generator apps below.

Stylish Text-Cool Fancy Text Creator

Stylish Text-Cool Fancy Text Creator is a nice app to generate stylish text. The app can help you make any normal looking text a piece of art. As the app is free so you will see some ads on the app, but they are not very annoying. The home page of the app can be seen on the screenshot above. It gives you two options to generate stylish text or make fancy arts. Let’s go ahead and explore stylish text section. When you click on this tile, you will see a page like the one shown in the screenshot below.

Here you will have various stylish fonts listed on the page. All you have to do is enter the text you want to stylize on the top text box. As soon as you enter the text you will shown the text with all the stylized version of it listed below. You can save or share a style of text that you like. When you like a text style, just click on it and you will see a pop up menu. In this pop up menu you will have option to save the stylized text as a PNG file on your PC or you can also share the text with your friends through various mediums. Apart from this you can also change the font color and the background color according to your choice. Apart from stylish text you can also try decorative text and ASCII art.

The other option on the home page which said fancy arts offers you backgrounds where you can enter text and decorate the background with stickers, emojis, backgrounds, etc.

Creative Text Creator

Creative Text Creator is also a nice app to stylize text. You will not find this app as good as the first one, but this one also has some good options in it. As this is a free app you will come across some ads on its interface. When you launch the app you will see an interface like the one seen in the screenshot above. Click on the let’s go button to start creating your stylized text. You will be taken to a screen like the one seen in the below screenshot when you click this button.

On this page you can enter the text you want using the text or alphabet options given at the bottom toolbar. In the text option you will have various fonts available which you can choose. Apart from font you can also choose the font color and make it bold or Italics. In the alphabet option you will see various alphabets in 3D format. You can also choose these alphabets to form a word. Apart from these you can also change the background of the image and add stickers to the image that you are creating. The stylized text creation can be saved on your computer in JPEG format.


These are the 2 free apps in the Windows 10 store to create stylized text. You can decorate any simple text, word, or phrase using these apps. After making fancy text you can save it to your computer in JPEG format. This image then can be easily shared with friends or on the internet. Check these apps out.

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