5 Free Online Memory Games for Kids

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This article covers free Online Memory Games for Kids. Memory games can help kids learn to focus and improve their brain power. It is a known fact that kids learn much faster when doing a activity rather than reading something. This is a process which all the schools have also started following. Any activity whether it is game based, or role playing based simulates kids senses and makes them naturally curious. This curiosity makes them learn more. These games can also be a medium of doing the same. Games are always fun and kids are ever ready to play. So combine games with learning and it can do wonders for the kids.

This is what these memory games do. They are colorful, with lot of fun characters, lovely music, and virtual rewards. All things you need to attract the attention of kids. These memory games help kids to focus and improve their ability to recognize and remember. As all these games are played online, you would not be required to download anything. Let’s look at these online memory games for kids below.

Mind Games

Mind Games is a good website to play lots of memory games. This website has a complete section on memory games which can be checked out here. There are more than 25 memory games in this section, as pointed out in the screenshot above. So there is a lot of choice for kids to play. There are games like look look, fruit flip, casino cards memory, dinosaur eggs, memory challenge, memory trainer, wild animal pairs, etc. Each of these games is pretty fun to play.

I tried out a couple of games and they all turned out to be good. The above screenshot is of a game called Dinosaur Eggs. It is a pretty fun game to play and above all kids love dinosaurs. In this game you have 2 or 4 piles of dinosaur eggs. You have to flip one egg from one pile and another one from another pile. Remember the pictures inside the ones that you just opened. Then open two more and see if you can match the images that you opened previously to the ones you opened now. Once two egg images are matched, they will disappear from the pile. You have to keep matching until all eggs are matched. You move on to the next level once all the eggs are matched.

Apart from this there were many other fun games like pair zoobies, river diamond, treasures, which I tried out and loved.


Memozor is nice website with memory games. The entire website has memory games and memory tests. As you can see in the screenshot above, the games on this website have been categorized with age like games for 3 years old, games for 4 years old, games for 8 years old, etc. You can choose games according to your child’s age. There are many fun games like Mario kart, minecraft, Christmas, animals, stencil, frozen, snowman, kindergarten, etc. All the games are based on the same pattern of game play. That is flipping two cards at once and remembering the picture in the card you opened. Then you open two more cards and see if you can match any of the images. The matched cards would remain face up and would be hazed out. The game continues until you match all the cards.

The above screenshot is of the Mario Kart game. Below the game window you get the option to choose how many cards you want to play with. Like 12, 16, 20, 30, 36 cards. For beginners you can choose the 12 card game mode and to make it more challenging you can increase the number of cards.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids website has a entire section dedicated to memory games. The memory games section has more than 20 games in it. The memory games are all on the same pattern. In these games you will find face down cards and you will be allowed to open 2 cards at a time. Using this method you have to match cards with same images. The matched cards will disappear from your screen. The game gets over when all cards are matched.

Before starting a game you will be asked to choose a difficulty level among easy, medium and hard. The number of chances that you get are displayed at the bottom of the window. You score is also displayed alongside. The above screenshot shows the play cats memory game. As you can see all the cards are face down and you have to open two card in one chance to match.


PrimaryGames is a fun website with a section of memory games which can be checked out here. There are lots of memory games to play. Each game has a different gameplay, which makes it fun. I tried out a couple of games like find the pair, path memory, counting hearts memory, and sequence memory. I found all of them pretty good and engaging.

For example, I played the path memory game, a screenshot of the game can be seen above. In this game you will be shown a number of houses and then there will be a path displayed to connect them. The path will disappear after a few seconds. Now you have to retrace the path from your memory, by clicking on the houses in sequence. With each level the game gets difficult as the number of houses increase. Similarly in sequence memory, you will shown a sequence of numbers to remember. Then using the onscreen keypad you have to punch in the correct sequence of numbers to complete a level.

As I mentioned the website has lots of fun games with different gameplay.

Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids have a nice section on memory game which can be checked out from this link. As you can see in the screenshot above, there are quite a few games listed under the memory games section. Each game has a different game play. So you will have to check out all the games one by one. All the games are fun to play and challenge you in a different way.

Like the ice cream madness, meandering maze, are both same card flip games to match 2 images. Sequence memory is a different game where you will be shown a sequence of numbers and then you will be given a keypad to punch in the same exact number from your memory. The two numbers would then be compared to see if you answered right or not. A screenshot of this game can be seen above. Then there is a game called puzzle shuffle, in which you will be given a grid of jumbled up alphabets. In this grid you will have to find words by reading the definitions given on the right side. You will also get a hint option which can be used when you are stuck.


These are the 5 free online memory games for kids which can be played easily to keep children engaged and enhance their brain power. The games require focus while playing. Thus improving their focus and memory skills. Try them out.

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