4 Free Football Dictionary Apps for Android

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Here is a list of 4 free Football dictionary apps for Android. Use these apps to see the common terms related to Football game and learn them. These apps have a list of all the Football terms with their corresponding definitions and meaning. They can show you any word that you search or you can also use the list of all terms to learn them all. Apart from just seeing the definitions of different Football terms, you can do other stuff as well. Some of the following apps let you play the definition of a Football term as an audio as well.

If you have just started playing Football then it will be wise to learn all the rules and the Football terminology. And the following apps can help you with that. Not only for Football newbies but if you hear a Football term in a match or somewhere else, then you can quickly see what it means. By simply searching a word or phrase in any of these app, you can see and memorize the Football terms that may surely come in handy later.

4 Free Football Dictionary Apps

4 Free Football Dictionary Apps for Android:

Soccer Dictionary

Soccer Dictionary free football dictionary app

Soccer Dictionary app lets you quickly find any soccer term that you want in blink of an eye. Here you can search a specific term related to Football and see its corresponding definition. Additionally, there are other options that you can use to analyze the definition of the soccer terms which you find in this app. It can read aloud the term that you search in it to hear its correct pronunciation. Additionally, you can also mark some terms as favorites and it saves them for you in a different section.

Just get the app and then start using that. You can simply lookup a term in the app and then see its definition. To hear its pronunciation, you can use the mic icon from the 3 dot button at the bottom right. Also, you can use the heart icon to mark it as favorite. And then you can access all the terms that you have marked as favorite from the app settings.

Football Dictionary

Football Dictionary Android App

Football Dictionary is a simple android app which you can use to see the most common Football glossary terms. Here it lets you see a definition of different Football terms in three ways. You can use the search box to look a particular term and see its definition. You can use the list of all the terms that this app has to see their definition. And the last method is to let the app show you a random word to show its definition that you can memorize. Overall, the app is simple and contains a long list of Football terms which will help you.

There is no sign up required to use this app. From the main screen, you can select any method to find a specific Football term. After typing a term, simply see its definition and then do whatever you want. And you can use the random word display feature of the app to learn different soccer terms in an easy way.

A Glossary of Football Terms

A Glossary of Football Terms

A Glossary of Football Terms is another free Football dictionary app from Android which you can use. This is again a simple app where you just search a specific Football term and see its definition. On its main screen, you can see all the available Football terms. It also lets you search a specific term and show you its definition and description. There is no other features in this app. This is a very straightforward app where you can simply search a soccer term and see its definition. Simple as that.

After getting the app, open it and then select any term from the main screen whose definition you want to see. Alternatively, you can use the built-in search bar from the top to search a specific Football term. It opens the definition page in a separate screen and then you can learn it or do whatever you want. This is simple application, however ads may bother you if the data connection is active.

Soccer Guide

Soccer Guide free Android app

Soccer Guide is the last free app in my list that you can use to lookup different soccer terms and other soccer related details. However while using the app for free, you can cannot access all the terms that it has for Football. To get all the terms of Football game, you will have to purchase the app. But some basic terms can be analyzed in it and you can see their corresponding definitions as well. Not only this, but it even allows you to play the audio version of the definition that you can hear for each term that you lookup in it.

Simply install this app and then open it up. From the main screen, tap on search icon from the top and then enter a term whose definition you want to see. After that, it will open the definition page where you can see the complete definition of a specific term. There are some buttons at the bottom side as well that you can use to hear the definition any number of times you want. In addition to looking up the different terms, you can use the Quiz feature app to boost your knowledge of Football.

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Final thoughts

These are the best Football dictionary apps which I was able find so far. Use these apps to quickly lookup any Football term and see its meaning and definition pretty easily. You can easily find any term using the built-in search or use the whole list of Football terms to find what you are looking for. If you are looking for applications to see learn the basic soccer terms then use any app from above list.

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