4 Free CSV To HTML Converter Software For Windows

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Here is the list of 4 free CSV to HTML converter software for windows. All you need to do is open a CSV file on the interface of software and export the output into HTML format file in seconds. With the help of these software, you can not only convert a CSV file in HTML but also in other file formats. These software can help you convert files into other formats such as PDF, XML, EXCEL, DOC, DOCX, TEXT, etc.

These software also come with many other interesting features. You can use the navigation pane to select a folder containing CSV files, view CSV file content, edit CSV file and then save it in the original format, etc. Thus, these software also work as CSV viewer and CSV editor software.

Let’s go through each of these CSV to HTML converter software one by one.

1. Exportizer

Exportizer Interface

Exportizer is one of the best CSV to HTML converter software. Using this software, you can easily convert CSV files into formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML, etc. It converts the file in a few seconds.

Once you download and run the software in your PC, you can open its interface. The converter is very easy to use. As you can see in the above image, there is a folder icon on the top left. You can click on that to add CSV file. Thereafter, you can click on the next icon which is for Exporting the CSV file. After clicking on export, another window will appear to prompt you to choose the export format. You can select HTML and click on the Export button as shown in the above image. And, the conversion of your CSV file will be prepared in HTML quickly.

2. CSVpad

CSVpad Interface

CSVpad not just lets you convert the CSV file to HTML but also lets you edit the CSV file. It is a good CSV to HTML converter software. You just need to open a CSV file by clicking on folder icon which is highlighted in the above image. Then, click on another highlighted icon (export button) in order to convert the file. Once you click on to export icon, another window will appear to help you save the output as HTML file. Here, I selected HTML format as output (visible in the screenshot above) and then saved the output. This is an easier way to convert CSV file into HTML.

3. LibreOffice

Libre Office

LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite software. It lets you do many tasks including CSV to HTML conversion. To convert the file, you just need to open a CSV file on the interface of Libre Office. You can also view the CSV data within the interface of this software. Thereafter, you can save the file as HTML format by clicking on File menu and selecting Save As option.

You can see in the above image, I clicked on File menu to open a CSV file and then its data is visible on its interface. After that, I again clicked on File menu and then Save As option to save my file in another file format. As you can see, I saved my file type as HTML Document. It is very simple to convert a file from CSV to HTML.

4. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is similar to Libre Office. It is also an office suite. It converts CSV file into HTML. You just need to open a CSV file and when you will save the file, you can save it as HTML file type.

As you can see in the above image, I opened a CSV file then before saving the file, I changed its file type into HTML Document and then I saved it.

You can also read this article to convert CSV file into Excel.

In brief

LibreOffice is quite easy to operate. It lets you open a CSV file and you don’t need to do anything except saving the file in HTML or other supported formats. The list of these free CSV to HTML software is very useful and you can try any of them. Try them to convert CSV to HTML file easily.

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