4 Automatic Key Press Free Software for Windows

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Here are 4 free automatic key press software for Windows. Whether you are running a program that requires to press ‘Enter’ key after every X seconds, playing a game, or there is some other reasons, these software will help you to do that. You can set the target key and time interval (in seconds or milliseconds depending on the option provided by software) and begin the automatic key pressing process. The rest of the work to press the target key after defined time interval is done by software itself. Later, you can stop key press anytime you want.

Some of these software also provide feature to automatically add some custom text at regular time intervals. A few other interesting features like automatic mouse click, add key combination, use some button (like Enter, Esc, etc.) after pressing the key are also present.

Let’s check these free automatic key press software one by one.

Auto Key Presser

Auto Key Presser software

Auto Key Presser (Homepage) is one of the best options here. This software helps to automatically press a key after every 0.5 second, 1 second, 2, 3, 5, 20, 40, 120 seconds, etc. Preset time intervals are available to choose from. You can choose a key from alphabets, function keys, numbers, and special keys. Select a key, use Start button and some application and the software will start pressing that key frequently based on the time interval set by you.

One interesting feature that I find useful is you can also automatically press a particular key combination. So, instead of pressing one key automatically, you can set this software to press two keys on the specified time intervals.

The software is pretty good but one thing that I didn’t like is it doesn’t support hotkeys to start and stop key press process. You need to use buttons available on its interface to do this. Doing that is also easy so that won’t be some issue.

Auto Key Clicker

Auto Key Clicker software

Auto Key Clicker (Homepage) is a portable software and a good competitor to other automatic key press software. It has two very good features that catches my attention. You can set custom time interval (in ms) to press the specified key automatically.

Another handy feature is you can also use it to press left and right mouse buttons on the specified time interval with or without key press. So, this software also works as mouse clicker software. One more benefit using this automatic key presser software is it supports hotkeys to start (F3) and stop (F4) key press.

You can’t set up custom hotkeys which might create trouble when same hotkeys are already assigned to some application. But still, it is good that it at least supports hotkey feature.

Send Keyboard Key

Send Keyboard Key

Send Keyboard Key (Homepage) has one special feature that makes it stand apart from the crowd. Apart from automatically pressing a key of your choice, it lets you set a custom text and add that particular text on the specified time interval automatically.

Its interface is very simple where you will see a text box. Use that box to add some character or custom text. After that, you can set the time interval (or time delay in ms), and use “On” option. This will begin automatic key press on the application of your choice (which supports text adding feature). It doesn’t provide hotkey feature to press added key but turning on and off automatic key press is pretty easy.

Stigerns KeyPresser

Stigerns KeyPresser

Stigerns KeyPresser (Homepage) is one of the best automatic key press software on this list. Like “Send Keyboard Key” software, it also lets you enter a specific key or custom text to add it automatically. There are preset time intervals (2 second, 5 second, 10 seconds, etc.) to add the input key or text automatically. In addition to that, the software also calculates and shows how many keys were pressed so far on its interface.

One unique feature of this software is you can also set a button that will be pressed after every (50ms, 1 second, 5 second, etc.,) specified time interval with the key. Available buttons to choose from are: Enter, Backspace, Esc, Arrow Up, Arrow down, function keys, etc. So, let’s say you have added “ilovefreesoftware” as text and selected Enter key, then the software will automatically add specified text and hit Enter key after time interval set by you.

The software doesn’t come with hotkey feature to start/stop automatic key press but you can stop the process easily using its interface.

We have also covered some keyboard testing software for you.

The Conclusion:

These are some best picked free automatic key press software which work great. Some software has special features also as I mentioned them. Still, if your need is only pressing some key automatically and frequently at defined interval, then all software are equally useful. And for me, “Auto Key Presser” is good enough to use.

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