9 Free Online Spelling Games for Kids

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Learning spellings can be more fun if it is done in a activity based way. If we turn the spelling in to a game, kids will enjoy doing it and learn something in the process too. Games have always attracted kids no matter how silly they are. If it is a game, kids will play it. So why not turn the spelling learning into a game. We searched for websites which have nice spelling games for kids and found some really nice websites.

These websites let you play spelling games for free without needing you to signing in or creating account. All the websites offer lots of games to play, while some websites even offer games based on the grade the child is in.

Let’s look at these online spelling games for kids below.

Spelling Training

Spelling Training is a nice website with lots of spelling games for kids. You can choose a word list you want your kids to practice from the drop down field. You can also upload a list of your own. If you have a list of words you want your kids to learn, then this option is quite handy. Once you have decided on your word list, you can select any game from the green game buttons given below.

I chose the spelling sharks game. In this game you will see lots of sharks with numbers on them. On the left side you have 10 fields where you need to fill in the correct word which is being spoken out loud. If you enter the word correctly, the same shark with that number will get destroyed. This way one by one all sharks will be destroyed and you will become the winner.

Spelling City

Spelling City website also has lots of spelling games for kids. The games page of the website can be seen in the screenshot above. You can choose any game to start playing it.

I started with a game called speedy speller. In speedy speller a word will be read out loud and then it will also be used in a sentence by the same narrative voice. You have to spell that word in the box given below. After you enter the word press enter button. If you have spelled the word right then it goes into the correct box otherwise it goes into the incorrect box. You can use the hint button if you are having difficulty spelling the word.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a popular website for kids resources. You will find a lot of educational stuff on the website including videos and other games. Spelling games is also part of the website, where you can play spelling games and learn new words. I tried out the game called “spectacular spelling day”.

In this game, a fairy princess will ask you to choose the letter which makes a particular sound. Choose from the given letters on your screen. Like that you will need to complete the entire word. You can learn spelling of a word along with its phonetics pronunciations. After you complete a word, you can replay the game with a new word.

Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for kids is a nice website with lots of fun spelling games. You can choose anyone you like or even play all of them one by one. I tried out the word scramble game.

In this game, you are shown some random letters and you have to move them around to make a word out of it. As can be seen in the screenshot above. Your score can be seen below and a timer is also running for each question. As soon as the timer runs out the answer is shown to you and you can move onto the next word. You can take help if you are stuck by using the hint option. Every time you unscramble the word, you have to enter the submit button for it to be evaluated. Each time you submit a word the timer resets.

Fun English Games

Fun English Games has lots of spelling games for kids to play. The spelling games on this website are fun and help kids improve their spellings. The games are listed on this page and you can choose and start playing the one you like. Start with easy spelling puzzles, which will look like the screenshot below.

In this game, you simply have to match the missing words of the given words. To match a word, just click on the words given on the left side and drop it on to the blank boxes given in front of words on the right. The yellow button on the right tells you how many correct matches you have made so far.

Turtle Diary

Turtle Diary has lots of fun spelling games for kids which will help them with spellings. All the spelling games are listed on the page in tile format. This can be seen in the screenshot above. Each game tile has grades mentioned below it, like which grade students is this game most suitable for. You can choose according to that.

Let’s start by playing a game called word ladder. This game can be seen in the screenshot above. There are four ladder steps and four pictures in front of each step. You have to complete the spelling of the object in picture. The letters to complete the spelling are given at the bottom. Some letters will be filled up while some part would be blank, you will be required to fill in the blank spaces to complete the word.


Gamesgames is a fun website with lots of spelling games for kids. As can be seen in the screenshot above, you will find various spelling games like guess it, word search, hangman, word detective, word cookie, etc. Just start playing any game that you like. Let’s look at a game for example in the screenshot below.

This game is called Word Detective. In this game, you are given 3 random letters. Using these letters you have to form words. The number of words to form can be seen from the blank boxes given. The blank boxes also tell you how many 2 or 3 lettered words you have to find. You can randomly connect the letters with lines to form a word.


ABCYa is a nice, fun website for kids. In this website you can choose your spelling games according to the grade your child is in. You can see in the screenshot above that there are various games featured on the website. You can choose the games to play based on the grade your child is in.

Like we tried a game called submarine spellings for grade one. It was quite a fun game to play and kids would love it for sure. As you can see in the screenshot above there is a submarine and it will only go down if you enter the correct word in the blank spaces provided. The random letters given at the bottom have to be used for making a word. Every time you answer correctly the submarine keeps going down towards the treasure chest.

Quiz Tree

Quiz Tree is being included in this list because it has some interesting quizzes on commonly misspelled words, spellings, sight words, etc. Click on the English heading and you will be taken to another page. On this page scroll to find spellings heading, click on it and you will get all the quizzes for spellings.

I tried a commonly misspelled words quiz, the pattern of the quiz can be seen in the screenshot above. You will be shown a word and its meaning will be displayed below, with four options for its spelling. You have to pick the correct spelling.


These are some fun websites to play spelling games for kids. Games can be a great way for kids to learn, specially games which are education based are good for kids. They can learn in a fun way and improve upon their spelling skills.

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