Take Selfie in Outer Space with This Free NASA Selfie App for Android

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NASA Selfies is a free selfie app for Android to take selfie in outer space. This app is powered by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and offers a simple way to take selfies in a space suit with various outer space backgrounds. There are 30+ stunning and high-quality outer space backgrounds available including Milky Way, Cassiopeia A, Cigar Galaxy, Crab Nebula, Galactic Center, Large Magellanic Cloud, and much more. You can simply take a selfie using the app’s built-in camera and then it will automatically add your face to a space suit.

You can then manually choose any of the outer space backgrounds and keep the one that you like. It lets you save the resulting photo to your photo gallery with ease. NASA has now made it possible for you to take a selfie in outer space without actually going there. This is actually a fun selfie app just like other selfie apps for Android, but with a twist of outer space background and a space suit effect.

How to Take a Selfie in Outer Space with This Free NASA Selfie App for Android:

To start, simply install the “NASA Selfies” app on your Android phone and open it up. After that, tap on the main screen and then it will open up the built-in camera.

Now, you can go ahead and take a selfie by placing your face inside the white frame and tapping the “Tick” button. Make sure there is nothing behind you in order to get better results. It also provides the option to toggle the front and rear camera.

As soon as you’re done with taking a selfie, it will automatically add your face to the space suit in a random outer space image. This will give an illusion that you have taken the selfie in outer space. If you have properly taken the photo inside the white frame, then the image will look more realistic.

Now, if you don’t like the outer space background, then do not worry as you can also change it. For changing the background, simply tap on the “Select” button at the top and then it will open up all the available outer space images. There are more than 30 outer space images including Trifid Nebula, Spider Nebula, Rho Ophiuchi, Pleiades Star Cluster, Mountains of Creation, Messier 78, and more.

You can choose any of the outer space backgrounds and it will change instantly without changing your selfie in the space suit. That means only the background will change and the space suit will still be there in the bottom right of the screen. Now, if you like the photo, you can go ahead and hit the “Save” button to save your outer space selfie.

Closing Words:

NASA Selfies is a pretty interesting selfie app by NASA for Android. It makes it simple for you to take a selfie in the outer space. Well, that sounds cool, isn’t it? This app is mainly for fun purpose and lets you add your face to a space suit with dozens of outer space backgrounds. It would have been great if it also allows you to change the position of the space suit in the photo.

Get “NASA Selfies” from here.

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