How to Add Face to GIF on Android Using CGI Technology?

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The blog post explains how to add face to GIF on Android using CGI technology. Morphin is a free Android app that lets you convert a face into your favorite GIFs. If you’re a meme lover or love to create meme, then you’re going to love this app.

All you will have to take a picture of your face or choose faces of celebrities. Then, choose any of the GIF provided by the app. There are hundreds of funny GIFs that can be used to add face to GIF. The most interesting fact about the app is its CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technology. It converts a normal image into artistic GIFs.

Besides that, you can add text over the GIF and download it on the Android device. You can create hilarious memes online as well.

save and download the output of GIF

Add Face to GIF on Android Using CGI Technology

Firstly, you will have to install an app named Morphin from Google Play store. It is basically a CGI GIF studio. This is a free app, currently in Beta but works amazingly. It transforms a GIF into CGI scene which looks quite impressive. Also, there is no watermark in the output.

Let’s follow its steps which are as following:

Step 1: In order to access the app, you have to sign with your email id. After allowing it to your Gmail, you can create your username to continue.

Step 2: At this point, this app works like a chatbot. It creates a chat thread which is basically a conversation between you and Morphin app. It instructs you how to use Morphin and add face to GIF.

Step 3: The app prompts you to take a selfie. In order to take a selfie, you need to look straight at the camera. Your selfie should not be blurry otherwise the app won’t accept your selfie. Your hair should be in the back so that the app can recognize your face.

If you don’t wanna capture your face, you can select a picture from the displayed figures such as Drake, Miley Cyrus, etc.

add face to GIF with this Android app

Step 4: At this step, you need to select a GIF from the displayed GIFs. You can preview the GIF and select in order to merge the selected face into the GIF.

After following these steps, you will find that selected face has been fitted into the GIF you have chosen. Also, you can add a text to make a GIF funnier.

The GIF can be saved on your Android device with no watermark. Also, you can share the GIF on your social media account such as WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

In brief

What I really liked about the app is that you don’t need to adjust the face onto GIF. Morphin app does it all. You just need to get a picture clicked and choose any GIF (available on the app). Thereafter, with its CGI technology, the app fits the face with the GIF so well. I’m impressed with the output. You can try it too and add face to GIF with Morphin.

Download Morphin app from here.

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