Free Electronic Flash Card Software: Anki

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Anki is a free electronic flash card software which is used for learning in a much easy and simpler way. In addition, it can be used for remembering things easily using electronic flash cards. Other free language learning platforms include LiveMocha and Busuu among others.

This is a flash card software is completely free.  Anki works based on the free flash card learning system which makes learning languages easier. That’s not all Anki is used for; other purposes also include studying for tests and learning those things which you won’t be able to remember easily. Anki is a perfect freeware flash cards for all learning purposes. For writers, the text block writer software can also be of help in this regard.


How Anki works?

This flash card software christened Anki allows all its users to create a desk of flash cards on a subject which the users of Anki want to study. You can also download desks from other users whom are using Anki. All flash cards consist of two fields, one which is related to a question and the other is related to answer. Easy and simple usage of Anki makes it a great software which is used all across the world. Anki also tracks the time and progress of the task being carried out by its users. Another thing that make it a great software is that it is an open source software which is easy to share with friends or anyone. Cool software right!

Here goes some of the features of this free Flash Card Software :

  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Open source software which can be shared easily.
  • Speedy operation with a capability of handling multiple electronic flash cards at a time.
  • Unlimited predefined styles by which you can generate multiple views of information.
  • In built Scheduler to schedule all your tasks in a handy way.
  • Can be used on any operating system, even on mobile phones also with the android operating system.
  • Ability to synchronize all your data across multiple computers.

If you are looking for a free Flash card system, Anki is a good choice.

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Works With: MacOSX, Windows, Linus, FreeBSD, iOS
Free/Paid: Free

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