Stripe Customer Portal: Change Payment Method, See Billing History

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SuperPortal is a Stripe customer portal that comes with some really nice advantages that Stripe alone can’t provide as of now. Here it lets your customers change subscription plans, payment methods, see billing history, and much more that I will mention later in detail. If you give Stripe as a payment option for your services to your customer then you can simply integrate SuperPortal that generates a separate link for each customer where they can manage their subscription plans with more freedom. It is super easy to set up as you just only have to connect to your Stripe account and then you are done.

If you are using Stripe to pay for the subscription for the services you are using then you know it very well that there are some challenges to it. For example, if you want to add a new card and remove the previous one then that can be tedious. But with SuperPortal you can do it in a few clicks. The UI is very simple and secure as it uses a magic link for signing in. You have all the means to manage your payments and subscriptions with this Stripe portal. There some customization options there too which allow you to enable and disable some aspects of the portal.

Stripe Customer Portal superportal in action

Main Features of Super Portal:

  • Manage products: SuperPortal lets you easily upgrade or downgrade subscription levels in just a few clicks. You can switch the subscription plan anytime by selecting some other plan listed there.
  • Cancel subscriptions: With SuperPortal, you can cancel subscriptions at any time during the billing period or at the end. And you can do it with just a few clicks after logging in your portal.
  • Update payment information: This is one of the best features of SuperPortal that lets you add or remove payment methods, such as adding a new credit card.
  • View billing history: There is a dedicated section in the portal where you can go through past payments you have made and you can even download the invoices.
  • View subscriptions: Here you can see the active subscription information that includes the payment dates.
  • Log in without passwords: Here you don’t have to remember passwords for logging in. The portal logs customers in via a one-time magic link that it sends to your registered email. So, it is pretty secure as well.

Using SuperPortal for Stripe:

Getting started with SuperPortal is simple as you just need to register a free account and then connect your Stripe account with it. From the dashboard, you just connect to your Stripe account, given that you actually have all the things set up there such as business and product information. After that, you can just start creating customers there and it generates separate portal links for them. You can create as any customers you want and give them the link of the portal to manage their payments.

Stripe Customer Portal customers

From the portal, you can see the active subscriptions and billing history. The subscription details are listed on the top and the billing history can be seen at the bottom side. You can just go through the previous payments and even download the invoices to your PC.

subscription and billing history

The next cool thing you can do here is change payment methods. This is very simple as you just need to go to the payments section and click on the “+” button to add a new card. Also, you can see your previous cards listed there and you can opt to remove them with just a few clicks.

Stripe Customer Portal superportal change payment methods

It has customization options there for the service providers. You can make changes in the appearance of the portal by adding your logo and business name. Not only this but you can control some other aspects of the portal as well. For example, if you don’t want your customers to change payment methods then you can do that. Also, you can disable billing history too by just one click. Some options you can see in the screenshot below.

Stripe Customer Portal customizations

In this way, you can control and configure this Stripe customer portal. It is very easy to manage for you and your customers. Mainly there are just three steps in configuring it and getting it ready for use. You connect your Stripe account, customize the portal, and then share the link it generates for your customers. This is as simple as that.

Closing thoughts:

SuperPortal is an amazing tool for service providers who allow Stripe payments. Now, you can have a simple and manageable portal for both; you and your customers. I really liked the UI and the simplicity it provides to manage payments and subscriptions. For now, it is free to use and it is in the beta stage but even if it introduces some paid tier in the future then it’s worth it. You can share your thoughts in the comments down below.

Try SuperPortal from here

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