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Hygeia is flexible, automation software designed to make your digital life smooth and easy. This is very intelligent software which helps you in automating your day to day process. Some of the automation capabilities include bulk renaming, file relocation, deletion of files, etc. Hygeia can turn out to be a very handy as well as a reliable software letting you define rules for the actions to be automated and also features an easy to use folder watcher.


Installing Hygeia

In order to install this automation software you need to visit where you have two options i.e. either download the free version or buy the full version. Once you click on download the installation process starts and you just need to follow the simple download process by clicking on the next button. The installation has been kept very simple and clear so you wont face any issues while it gets installed on your computer. If you want to try some more automation software to make your life easier, you can try Perfect Automation, TimeComX and Actions.


Using this automation software

Coming to the usage of this software you would notice the entire stuff is automated which although being easy to use packs in much power to deliver you an efficient performance. Hygeia silently works in the background and does not consume much memory. It will follow all your commands and organize the files and folders for you. It will let you automate almost every process and workforce as per your desires.

The configuration process does not require any technical knowhow. Configuring this software is much easier than handling and organizing your files daily. Just set Hygeia to organize all the files and folders for you by defining the folders to be monitored. The folders that are set to be monitored will not be a part of the ruling mechanism and you can apply a single pattern to as many folders you want.


If you want to organize a single folder and want it to be monitored permanently by the folder watcher then you can do it by just taking the help of one-time watch. You can drag the files and drop them on Hygeia’s to get them organized. Hygeia will automatically organize the files. The software also has the feature of photo sharing were you can easily directly upload your favorite photos on Facebook.



The Data extractor feature allows you to use the property of the file being organized. They can be used to move the images to a folder according to the date when they were captured. The data extractor also helps in manipulating data and uses it to provide a name to the desired folder.

Hygeia can also read the tags from your MP3 files and you can use MP3 information to define the actions. MP3 reader comes very handy when it is time to organize all the music files. It will make it easier for you by just arranging the music folders by using the name of the artist. You can integrate all types of work flow into Hygeia. The Launch Application action will let you execute the program or the batch file with whatever command line you can think of. Hygeia will expose the API for .NET developers, so all the .NET developers can create new rules and regulations and publish them.

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Works With: Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 2003 Server, 2008 Server
Free/Paid: Free

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