Use Mouse Gestures To Navigate through Webpages: Smooth Gestures

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Smooth Gestures is a Chrome extension that helps to navigate through webpages while browsing on Google Chrome using mouse gestures. You can just simply use your mouse at one place to move forward, backward, reload a webpage, and much more while browsing on your Google Chrome. Not only can you use preloaded gestures, infact you can add your own gestures too. It’s a really simple and easy extension that helps to browse in a easy way.

You don’t need to navigate your mouse to reload, forward etc. icons at all. Smooth Gestures make web browsing more simple on Google Chrome. See below how it works!

Smooth Gestures 01 mouse gestures

Also try free mouse gesture software for Windows.

How To Use Mouse Gestures With This Extension?

Super Gestures is a very simple yet handy extension to use. Once after installing it to your Google Chrome, you only need to draw gestures by right-click of mouse for performing actions while browsing. For example, if you wish to reload a tab, then hold right-click of mouse and draw a shape like you can see in the screenshot mentioned above, and release the mouse. Immediately this action will start reloading that specific webpage for you. Isn’t it simple. You can directly do it from any available free space on webpage.

Likewise, you can draw gestures for forward, backward, new tab, close tab, duplicate tab, previous tab, and much more. All of the gestures you can use and learn easily. Not only you can use these gestures, infact you can overwrite a gesture with your own one. And similarly, you can add new gestures of your own for other actions such as: next page, previous page, pin/unpin tab, scroll page up/down etc.

Smooth Gestures 02 mouse gestures

You can do all these actions by accessing settings of Smooth Gestures. It can be done by right-clicking on Smooth Gestures extension icon that will be available on toolbar of Google Chrome.

Some Key Features Present In Smooth Gestures:

  • Use mouse gestures to navigate while browsing Google Chrome.
  • Overwrite preloaded mouse gestures with your own one.
  • Add new gestures for more actions.
  • Multiple gestures available for your ease.
  • Set a mouse/scroll/rocker gesture or use desired keyboard shortcut keys.

Smooth Gestures is really a very handy extension that enhances web browsing and makes it more entertaining. You can try it yourself, it’s really good to use. Try it for free.

Also try Pig Toolbox (Super Gestures) chrome extension.

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Works With: Google Chrome
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