Use Masked Disposable Emails, Passwords To Avoid Spams: MaskMe

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MaskMe is a Chrome extension which will help you to mask emails, passwords. Whenever you visit any site you are asked to register with your email id and password. This leads to a series of spam mails and useless conversations with telemarketers. You can now avoid this by creating a masked disposable email for that site only. You won’t receive any further emails from that website. It also ensures protection as you won’t have to give your password everywhere and thus create a safety net. This extension would create a fake password for you which you can see if you want. You just have to give the website name you want a masked email for. The rest would be taken care of.

The screenshot will give you a better idea about the interface:

MaskMe interface

This is the homepage which will open up once you open the installed extension. Read further to know how it works and how it will ensure your protection.

How To Create Mask Emails, Passwords:

Once you open the extension, you will be asked to provide your email id for the last time. After that you will be redirected to a page like the screenshot below.

Masked email ids info

In the highlighted area you are required to mention the name of the website for which you would create a masked email. Once you mention the name, you will be able to see the name of the website with the fake id above. Now when you visit that website and you are asked for an Email id and password, a dropdown opens up like you can see in the screenshot below.

registering with masked id

Once you click on the Mask My Email option, the masked email will auto fill in the box. Now you can either fill a password yourself or can let MaskMe create a password for you. When you do that a message will appear in the right top corner, clicking on which you see the encrypted password MaskMe had created.

This way you will get registered without any hassles of receiving spam mails from the site. There are also Masked phones and Masked Credit card options which will create masked phone number to avoid unnecessary calls from telemarketers. However this service is not available for free. You will have to upgrade to premium and pay some amount for the same.

masked email id

Other Details About MaskMe:

Other than these features, you can also choose to LOCK the extension. Supposedly you are not using your personal system where others can have a look at your personal information. You can lock the extension with a simple password. On the top of it’s interface there is a LOCK button. Clicking on that you can provide a password and thereby lock your account.

You can sync all your information so that you can have a look at the information from other system also by providing your email id and password. There is a SYNC button at the top of its interface. Clicking on that, your information would be synced.

Also you can control whether you want to forward the email from their site or block it completely. Go to Masked email and you will be able to see the masked email ids created for websites. There would be an option for forwarding. Clicking on that you can also block.

Features Of MaskMe:

  • You can create masked email ids and passwords.
  • The information gets auto filled in the option box.
  • You can lock the extension to prevent misuse.
  • No registration required. Just provide the email id once, and it won’t ask for any other information anymore.
  • Sync the data to access it on other devices.

Installing the extension is easy. Go to Chrome webstore and search for MaskMe. Just Add To Chrome and the extension would successfully be installed. You can access it from the icon in the right hand side of the toolbar. You can also go to the link at the end of this article to download.


I found this chrome extension really helpful. It will mask your email id and you won’t have to worry about receiving unnecessary spam from different websites you have signed in. You can let MaskMe create a fake password for you which will auto fill in the box. This will keep your information more secure.

Get MaskMe from here!

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