Free Software to Connect Remote PCs in a Virtual Network: Radmin VPN

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Radmin VPN is a free software to connect PCs in a virtual network. You can use this software to connect different PCs in a virtual network which is secure. The software creates a VPN like connection between the computers which are in your network or remotely situated anywhere. After connecting to another computer, you can carry out various tasks that it supports. You can share files, take control of the other PC, do ping test, transfer files between the computers, do chat, voice chat, and shutdown remote computer. You can take advantages of these features with the help of free addins that you can download easily.

There are some software to connect to a remote PC, but the connection those software make is not secure. And Radmin VPN eliminates this from the equation by providing a secure connection between the nodes. The software works like a VPN but it uses that feature to connect PCs in a virtual network. And there are some awesome features in the software that you will like.

Free Software to Connect Remote PCs in a Virtual Network Radmin VPN

How to Connect Remote PCs in a Virtual Network via Radmin VPN?

Radmin VPN is a unique software and works in a very different manner. To make this software work, it should be available on all the PCs which you want to connect in secure virtual network. After that, you can create network at one node and other PCs will join that network. After the PCs are connected to your network then you can start doing what you want. You can transfer files, shutdown remote PC, chat with the person on the other end, and much more.

These steps will guide you how to connect remote PCs in a virtual network.

Step 1: Open Radmin VPN and in the very beginning, you will see two options on its interface. One option is for creating a network and other is for joining a network.

radmin vpn interface

Step 2: create a network by providing name and password. After the network has been created, you can share the credentials of the network with others. Using those credentials, others can connect to your network.

radmin vpn create network

Step 3: After the remote PCs connected, you can see them on your end. It shows the IP address and PC names to you. You can do various operations now. Just right-click on the computer which is connected to your network and you will see various options in the right-click menu. Also, in the right-click menu, you will see an option Radmin under which you will find file sharing, chat, voice chat, telnet, shutdown PC like options.

radmin vpn in action

You can use any option you want. However, the options that it shows are not available in the software already. You will have to install the corresponding plugins manually. And the plugins are also free like the software.

This is how you can connect remote PCs in a virtual network using Radmin VPN. It is very simple to use it and setup on any PC you want on your secure virtual network.

Final Thoughts

Radmin VPN is a quite a unique software that uses VPN like connection to connect remote PCs in a virtual network. The software uses the concept of VPN in a whole different way and it is useful too. This tool is ideal for a group of people for exchanging a confidential information if they are located on different geographical locations. And What I really like the most about this software is that it has added some really useful options to communicate with the remote PC, like chat, file transfer, remote shutdown, etc. If you are looking for a similar software like Radmin VPN, then you will find this article handy.

Download Radmin VPN here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 9 Average: 4.8]
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