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Work Timer is a free Stopwatch software that lets you track how many hours you spent working on a project and calculates your earning based on a specified rate. It’s a simple and handy tool intended for freelancers and other such users who get paid on project basis.

You can simply specify a project you are working on, a rate (like $100 per hour), and begin the timer. Work Timer will take care of the rest.

Work Timer is available as a complete freeware and can be downloaded using the link given at the end of this article. The download comes as a zip archive, so you need to first extract the contents of the archive to start using this free Stopwatch software. The zipped folder contains a Work Timer application file. This is a portable executable of the app and can be run simply through a double click. Let’s see how you can use Work Timer on your Windows system.

Work Timer - Free Stopwatch Software - Interface

Track Work Hours and Calculate your Earning with this free Stopwatch Software:

When you launch Work Timer, it will look similar to the above screenshot. This is the main interface of the app. On the top, you can see two buttons naming Set. These buttons let you specify the project name you are working on, and the amount you charge per hour.

After setting these options, you can Start Timer, minimize the app, and continue with your work. This free Stopwatch software will sit silently in your system tray area, tracking your work hours and total earning in background. When you finish working, simply click on Stop Timer to stop the timer.

Work Timer - Free Stopwatch Software - Tracking Time and Earning

The good part is that the amount is calculated in real-time. That means, you can anytime, open this free Stopwatch and view how much you have earned so far, without even having to stop the timer.

Also, you can stop Work Timer if you don’t feel like working anymore and restart it later or on some other day. It will recalculate the time spent this time on the project and add it to to the Total Time that it maintains for that project. This goes on till you change the project.

Work Timer - Free Stopwatch Software - Changing Project

Work Timer internally maintains time tracking and earning information in its database for each project you add, but shows just one at a time. If you want to track time spent on multiple projects simultaneously, you can check out WatchMe.

Key Features of this Free Stopwatch Software:

  • Free stopwatch software for Windows.
  • Tracks how much time you spend working on a project.
  • Can add multiple projects to the program; maintains time tracking and earning information for them internally.
  • Stop timer and restart it for the current project again.
  • Calculates your would-be payment in real time.
  • System tray integration.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple and handy.
  • Lightweight.

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The Final Verdict:

Work Timer is a useful, free Stopwatch software for freelancers and independent workers to monitor how much time they are spending on a project and how much they have earned for that time. It’s simple, easy to use, and quite flexible. The only shortcoming it has is that it accepts currency in dollar ($) only.

Get Work Timer here!

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