5 Free Movie Organizer Software

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Here are 5 free movie organizer software.

These software are very useful to neatly arrange your movie collection by creating a movie database. You will also be able to add movie details automatically from IMDb database or from other databases. Apart from this, some software also let you export database information as text file, CSV, or HTML file. Each individual movie organizer in this list has many interesting features. For example, you can backup the movie database, download movie cover art, sort movies quickly, and more. Lets start with the first movie organizer software present in this list.


EMDB- interface

EMDB is a good movie organizer software and lets you automatically import details of your movie collection from IMDb database. Apart from that, it also supports moviemeter.nl, TheMovieDb and TheTVDb. Its interface becomes your movies database and you can add movies from your hard disk or can insert wish list, short, or own movies from IMDb. You can also update or find missing album cover which is a good feature. All your movies can be sorted by No., Genre(s), user rating, IMDb rating, location, and more. Apart from this, you can also apply filter to show movies searched by you.

You can also export the list of your movies collection as CSV, text file, or HTML file which makes it more useful. There are many other features in this software, such as: check statistics, add additional information to movies (aspect ratio, resolution, source, etc.), change interface skin, rename media files, etc.

You can check the full review using this link.


GrieeX- interface

GrieeX is one of the best movie organizer in this list that lets you add movies one by one or a whole folder on its interface to create the database. You can mark movies as watched or unwatched. Apart from this, it also lets you check statistics to find out total movies count, seen movies, unseen movies, duration, and size. Movies can also be filtered by original name, director, author, year, album, and many other options. Your movie database can also be backed up which is really a handy feature.

After adding the movies, you can automatically fill movie info, cover art, and other information from various sources. For example, you can use imdb.com and themoviedb.org databases to fill the movie details, amazon to find poster, and subtitles from opensubtitles.org, allsub.org, etc. It is surely a handy movie organizer.

My Movie Manager

My Movie Manager- interface

My Movie Manager makes it easy for you to organize movies and download movies details from IMDb database. You can mark your movies as favorite and watched. Apart from this, you can also sort movies in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, by title, by your rating, IMDb rating, year, or by title.

This software also provides many other features. For example, you can search movies present in your database by entering the keywords. Option to find movies by category (Horror, Favorites, Mystery, etc.) is also available. Movie details and database is stored locally on your PC. So you will have all the details of your favorite movies, even if there is no Internet connectivity.

Free MovieDB

Free MovieDB

Free MovieDB is also a good choice to organize movies and add data from imdb.com and themoviedb.org. You can see added movies in cover view or list view. You need to add a directory and it will automatically scan it and search the information. After this, your movies are added to the database and you can click on any movie to see the movie info. Apart from this, it will also download images related to movie, posters, trailer, backdrops, etc. All your movie database can also be exported as XML, CSV, or Text file.

Moreover, you can also see the news of top 10 U.S Box office movies, and news for celebrities who were born on the present day. So pretty useful information is provided by this software which makes it handy.

Check its full review.

My Movie Library

My Movie Library- interface

My Movie Library lets you add a movie or a whole folder to create the movie database on its interface. Interesting feature of this software is that you can create the backup of your database. So even if any movie is removed from its interface, you can restore the database with just few mouse clicks. After adding the movies, you can create custom lists (say tags) and add movies to any of those tags. This will also help to sort movies quickly by just selecting a particular list.

Just like all the above mentioned software in this list, this software also lets you add movie details from IMDb. All the information is fetched automatically. However, it failed to add cover art for movies which was disappointing.

Click here for full review.

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Here comes the end of my movie organizer list. These all are good for all movie lovers who want to keep their movie collection organized and updated with correct details. Check them out guys and share your views via comments section.

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