Encrypt Files Using 19 Different Encryption Algorithms

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SSuite Agnot StrongBox (also known as Agnot StrongBox Security) is a free file encryption software. It comes with 19 different encryption algorithms which make it a really strong competitor to other similar software. Where most of the other tools support AES, Blowfish, and one or two extra encryption algorithms, this software is way ahead in the race, as it comes with 19 encryption algorithms.

Apart from that, the software also supports password protection to encrypt the files. This ensures more security to encrypt the file. You have to insert the same encryption algorithm and password to decrypt the encrypted file.

free file encryption software with 19 different encryption algorithms

Above you can see a file encrypted by me using its simple interface.

Note: The decrypted file is saved with *.ed extension. You have to rename the file to get back the original file. For example, if the decrypted file is “abc.pdf.ed“, you have to rename it to “abc.pdf“. Then only you will get the original file.

List of Encryption Algorithms Supported By This Software:

  • Twofish
  • Blowfish
  • Ice 2
  • Thin Ice
  • MARS
  • Cast-128
  • Cast-256
  • Misty1
  • Rijndael (AES)
  • Serpent
  • RC4
  • RC2
  • RC6
  • RC5
  • IDEA
  • TEA
  • 3DES
  • DES

Other Key Features Present In This Free File Encryption Software:

  • It brings a built-in password generator that creates a unique password whenever you click the associated icon. You can use it when you want a strong password (or take help of other free password generator tools) to encrypt your file. However, you must save or remember the password used by you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to decrypt your file.
    generate strong passwords
  • It shows MD5 hash for input, encrypted, and decrypted file. So, you won’t need any other hash generator software separately.

How To Use This Free File Encryption Software?

Download the zip archive that contains the portable application of this software. Launch this software which comes with two main tabs: File and Document Security and Text Security.

Using File and Document Security tab, you can encrypt an image, audio, video, or a document. Simply insert the input file, select an encryption method, cipher mode, and a password (optional). After this, you have to select the destination location and click the Encrypt button.

encrypt a file or document

It will quickly encrypt your file and the output file will be saved to the destination folder.When you have to decrypt the encrypted file, insert it as the input file, select the same encryption algorithm, Cipher mode, password, and use Decrypt button.

Text Security tab is used to encrypt a plain text file or you can enter any custom text in the available box and encrypt it. Although text files can also be encrypted using the File and Document tab, so this tab is more useful when you have to encrypt a custom text.

encrypt a text and save it

You can select the encryption algorithm, password, and use Encrypt button. The encrypted text can also be saved by you as a file. You can also Decrypt the encrypted text, whenever needed.


I must say this is a powerful file encryption software. Also, the security level is good as you can encrypt files using an encryption algorithm and with a password. Yes, it can’t process multiple files in one go, but surely a good software to securely encrypt files.

Get SSuite Agnot StrongBox for free.

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