AI Based Live Chat Bot that Interacts with Website Visitors Automatically

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Acobot is a free AI based live chat bot that interacts with website visitors automatically. It can automatically respond to the website visitor’s queries, greet them, proactively ask questions, and do more without requiring any human operator. It actually uses artificial intelligence and learns topics from your website and visitor’s interactions once you install it. For example, the visitors can ask it to navigate to web pages, show contact information, ask general questions related to the website, and more. The chat bot may take time to learn everything on your website and give answers to visitor’s questions accordingly. It learns pretty quick, trust me on that.

When the visitors interact with this AI based chat bot, you will also receive email notifications. In the dashboard of this chat bot, you can see graphs of sessions, topics learned, pages read, and more. You can also see the chat log and download them if you want. Unlike the typical live chat services, this one is quite distinct as it can automatically chat with website visitors based on the topics it has learned from your website. Ultimately, it can save an enormous amount of your time by automatically interacting with users.

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Note: The free version of this live chat bot offers unlimited sessions, question answering, widget customization, etc. But, it has some limitation in the free version, like only 100 web pages, no email leads, no human operator, and most importantly you won’t get back chat requests immediately, if the chat bot fails to answer any question.

How to Install this AI Based Live Chat Bot on your Website:

To get started, simply visit the website and sign up for a free account. After that, it will ask you to enter the domain name of your website on which you want to install it. Then hit the “Submit” button to proceed.

As soon as you do that, it will allow you to customize the live chat widget by selecting a bot avatar. Apart from that, you can also choose between different widget styles named, Modern, Bubbly, and Rectangle.

When you’re done with that, the installation page will open up and you can see different options to install this live chat bot on your website. You can either simply copy and paste a JS code on your website or use plugin for different website technologies like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Once you’re done with installing the widget, simply click on the “Verify” button to check whether it is active or not.

Now, let us talk about this AI based live chat bot and see how it works.

Using this AI Based Live Chat Bot which Interacts with Website Visitors Automatically:

After the widget installation is done, simply open the website and then you see a live chat widget on the bottom right corner. Now, it will start learning the web pages and interact with the website visitors automatically. It actually gives answers to customer’s queries without any human involvement depending on the topics it has learned from the website.

For example, if any website visitor wants to ask you for you for your Facebook page, then all he or she gotta do is type “Do you have a Facebook page?”. As soon as you do that, the AI based live chat bot can automatically reply to the visitor saying we have a page and also provide the link (if you have one mentioned in your website). This way the website visitors can ask the bot anything they want, and if the bot knows the answer then they will automatically get a reply. It can also greet visitors proactively and prompt them to ask for help if they need any.

If it fails to answer any question, then it will either tell you that it will ask the human operators to give you an answer or ask for your email so that you can get back to the visitor later. Unfortunately, the free version of this live chat bot doesn’t send you requests for answering the visitors.

But, as the time passes, this AI based chat bot gets smarter by learning more things from your website and visitor interactions every day.

You can also see various details about the chat bot interactions with your website visitors. For that, go to the homepage of “Acobot” and then you can see graphs of sessions, leads & conversations (for paid plan), pages read by this bot, topics learned, and the time duration of learning.

There you will also see an “Interaction” tab under which you can see all the chat bot interactions log under the “Sessions” section. You can see the conversations of each visitor, their location, time, and more. You can also download the log as a CSV file.

You will also find many other options using which you can see the pages read by this chat bot, exclude pages from learning if you want, see specific topics learned, customize the chat widget, and more.

Closing Words:

Acobot is a very interesting live chat bot for websites which uses AI or artificial intelligence to interact with website visitors automatically. The main USP of this live chat bot is that it can chat with your website visitor without requiring you to type anything manually. The only thing which might concern you is that the free version doesn’t let you get the follow up requests instantly for the answers which the bot doesn’t know, and is delayed by a day. Overall, this chat bot is quite awesome.

Try “Acobot” from here.

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