Windows 10 Coloring Book App with Coloring Pages and Sketch Pad

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Abstract Coloring Book is a free Windows 10 coloring book app which can be used by any age group to color in the many coloring pages available with this app. Coloring has a very relaxing effect on people, it relieves stress and calms you down. Plus it does bring out the creativeness in you. The app also has a sketch pad apart from coloring pages.

The Windows 10 coloring book app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start this app you will see an interface as shown in the screenshot below.

abstract coloring book home

The first screen of the app shows you that there is a coloring book and a sketch pad for free style drawing as well. Lets look into the coloring book first. When you click on this option the coloring book pages will open up in front of you, as shown in the screenshot below.

abstract coloring book pages

All the coloring pages are listed on this page. The pages are divided into various categories like birds, fruits, flowers, abstract, mandalas, kids, etc. Just choose a page you would like to color and the page will open up in full screen. Option to color would be given at the bottom of the page. A colored page is shown in the screenshot below.

abstract coloring book colored

At the bottom you can see options like zoom in and out, reset, eraser, undo, fill color, etc. The color palette icon will open the color wheel for you and you can change and choose any color that you like.

The page also has options to share your creative work with your friends using various social networks. The save option lets you save your coloring page in JPEG format on your computer.

Let’s look in to the other option, sketch pad, a screenshot of which is given below.

abstract coloring book sketch

You can use pencil, ballpoint pen, or highlighter in various sizes and colors to complete your sketch. You will also see a eraser and ruler icon which can be used when needed. You can also zoom in and out of your sketch. Save the sketch that you created in JPEG format on your device. Sharing your sketch is also easy through various social networks.

Features of this Windows 10 Coloring book app:

  • Coloring book app for all ages.
  • Categories include flowers, birds, fruits, abstract, etc.
  • You can zoom in or out of a coloring page.
  • Pick your favorite colors from the color palette.
  • Coloring is said to be very relaxing and calming.
  • Save your colored pages in JPEG format.
  • Share with friends on various social networks.
  • Option to undo, fill color, reset, eraser, etc.


Coloring is said to have a relaxing effect on kids as well as adults. That is the reason adult coloring books are so popular now days. Abstract Coloring Book is definitely a nice app where you can pick a coloring page you like and start coloring. You can also pick your favorite colors from the palette. Zoom in to a page to fill in color in minutest of details.

Check out Abstract Coloring Book for Windows 10 here.

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