5 Free Photo To Sketch Software for Windows 10

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Here is a list of 5 free photo to sketch software for Windows 10.

Sketching is not an easy task as it requires good skills as well as dedication. However, for inexpert or I say normal user, there are some really good software to turn photos into beautiful sketches. Those who are looking for such software and want to use them on Windows 10 PC, I have created this list.

Most of the software in this list provide multiple sketch effects. Apart from this, you can adjust settings which will help you to generate a masterpiece.

Let’s start with the first photo to sketch converter software for Windows 10 present in this list.


FotoSketcher- interface

FotoSketcher is one of the best and my favorite photo to sketch software for Windows 10. Even if you keep default settings, the output looks really good. However, you have the choice to adjust Edge intensity, threshold, Stroke length, and brightness level. These options will help you make output better. It also lets you compare sketch and original photo side by side on its interface, which is another good feature.

The software comes with multiple drawing styles. You can select pencil sketch (b&w), oil pastel sketch, pencil sketch (color), etc. Apart from sketch styles, it also provides pen & ink sketch styles, pixelation, vintage, and many other painting effects. Moreover, you can also add text watermark to the output. All these features make it a very good photo to sketch converter software.

It supports BMP, JPG, and PNG format images and lets you save the output in any of these three formats.

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XnSketch is a superb photo to sketch converter software for Windows 10. It has 18 different effects. It can convert GIF, JPG, PCX, PRC, PNG, and other formats to Sketch. So, apart from commonly known formats, it supports some unique image formats too.

The output can be compared with original photo directly on its interface. The default settings are good enough to generate a better output. However, you can adjust saturation, exposure, gamma level, brightness and contrast to make the output more beautiful. Your final output can be saved as PNG or JPG image.

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Photo To Sketch (Homepage)

Photo to sketch- interface

Photo To Sketch (standard version) is also a very good software to turn any JPG or BMP image to a beautiful sketch. The output can be saved as BMP, WMF, or JPG file.

This software also comes with a couple of interesting features to help you enhance the output. For example, you can set the pencil density and number of lines for sketch. Apart from that, you can also choose Pen or Pastel tool for sketching. The output and input file can also be viewed side by side on its interface for better understanding. Overall, this software can be a good choice when you have to convert photo to sketch on Windows 10 PC.

Instant Photo Sketch

Instant Photo Sketch- interface

Those who want the instant result, look no further than Instant Photo Sketch. Its name completely suits it. This light version is absolutely free to use.

As soon as you select an image (TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, or GIF), it will generate a good sketch. You can’t compare original image and output sketch, but the software generates good result. You can further adjust black and white labels to make the output better.

Finally, you can save the sketch to PC as PNG or JPG image.

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Paint.net pencil sketch effect

Paint.NET is actually a very good image editing software compatible with Windows 10 and lower versions. However, this software can also be used to convert photo to sketch easily. It is possible with the help of its “Pencil Sketch” option available under Effects menu. The output can be enhanced by adjusting the pencil tip size and range. You can do so with the help of a pop-up. If the output is good, you can save it to PC in JPG, PNG, BMP, or in any other format.

This software can also be used to add layers to images, rotate, crop and resize images, and for many other purposes.

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The Verdict:

This list has the best photo to sketch software for Windows 10. However, the first two software are better than others in this entire list. Personally, I would choose FotoSketcher and XnSkitch whenever I have to create a photo sketch. You can check which one is fit for your requirements and use that particular software.

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