7 Websites to Learn How to make Play Doh

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We all know that kids love play doh. They just love how it feels in their hands and how they can mold it into different shapes. Since the first time I introduced my son to play doh, he has never got bored of it. He can play with it whenever I hand him some. Now buying play doh from the market is easy, but can prove to be very expensive in the long run. Because if not properly stored the play doh turns very hard and is impossible to use again. Most of the times kids also lose it or turn it into a million pieces which are very hard to put back again. Once kids make something out of the play doh, then they don’t want to break it and you would also love to keep it as a souvenir of something creative your kids made for once. So you go to the market again and buy some new play doh for them.

But did you know it is extremely easy to make play doh at home and lot of fun to try out with your kids. Here are some websites which let you know how to make play doh at home and save money as well as it can be a fun activity to involve your kids in. The recipes are more or less the same, but the ones which let you make the play doh with no cooking are the best as kids can also help out. So let’s start with the first website.



Could you have imagined there is a entire site dedicated to play doh making. Neither could I until I stumbled upon this website. Apart from the regular play doh they have recipes which are edible as well. Some other cool play doh recipes available on the website are coffee play doh, alum play doh, berry play doh, glittery play doh, glow in the dark play doh, etc. Just go through them and you can try one new recipe every time you decide to make play doh.


PBS kids play doh

Well we already know that PBS is a great website and you will find the easiest no bake play doh making recipe here. If you want you can follow the video given at the top of the page or go instruction wise. The best part is all the ingredients can be found at home, as they are so commonly used in everyday cooking like flour, oil, salt, etc. Just follow the instructions step wise and you will have your play doh ready in no time. You do need to store the play doh in a ziploc or a air tight container so it doesn’t dry and become hard.


wikihow play doh

Another awesome website to help you learn how to make play doh at home. The website features two methods of making the play doh, one which involves cooking and another one which does not involve cooking. Both the methods include videos at each step to help you out. Going through the video steps makes it much easier for you to know if you are doing it right. Go through the website and learn how to make play doh with easy video instructions.


instructables play doh

The website also features a easy to make recipe for play doh. Just follow the instructions given to make play doh of your color choice. You will also find a PDF version of the recipe which you can download to your PC and take a print out of if you like.


familyeducation play doh

This website features 6 easy recipes to make play doh. You would only find a little variation amongst the 6 recipes. Some of them require cooking and some of them do not. They all do need to be stored in Ziploc or covered container so it doesn’t dry off. Out of the 6 recipes there is one with peanut butter and honey which is edible and can be eaten by kids if they like it.


bestrecipes play doh

Another website which features a no cook play doh recipe which can be made by kids. All you need to do is follow instructions and your play doh will be ready in no time. The best part is that you can involve your kids in the making process as there is no cooking involved. This can become a fun activity you can do with your kids, they will definitely enjoy it.


tinkerlab play doh

The website has a rainbow play doh recipe. Usually the color needs to be added in the play doh when you are mixing all the ingredients and that does not allow you to make multiple color play doh in one go. But this particular recipe allows you to make several color play doh by dividing the doh into pieces and then adding color to them. Try it out and see how it works for you.

You can also check out these 5 websites which suggest activities for kids to keep them busy.

There are lots of websites you will find which have play doh recipes on them. We have listed here the ones we found different or just plain nice. So go through them and make your own play doh for your little monsters to play with.

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