Test Google Ads for High CTR, Conversion Rate for Free using AI: Superlines

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Superlines has launched a free tool to analyze and generate Google Ads using AI. It supports A/B testing as well and you can use it to identify which of your ad copies will generate higher CTR as well as conversion rate. All you need to do is connect it to your Google account.

It can fetch ad copies from your account and run its AI to give you an estimated result. The A/B test tool on the other hand lets you select the best combination of the headlines and ad descriptions from 2 copies that you specify.

With this AI ad checker, you can check your existing ads and generate new ones with ease. All it asks is to sign up via Google to fetch your ads and then check them. They say it is trained on 250 million ads, which is pretty cool. So, it doesn’t matter if you are creating ads for eCommerce, personal websites, or any other entity, it will always give you right recommendations to have best copies that will drive more sales/traffic as well as leads.

How to test Google Ads for High CTR, Conversion Rate for using AI?

So, as I mentioned earlier, you just go to the website and sign up using Google. Give it all the necessary permissions and then start using it. Do note that during sign up, you will have to manually click on check box to give permissions. Also, before sign up, make sure that you do have an ad account.

Now, you will land on the A/B test tool, which is the first tool that it has to offer. Here, you have to specify 2 sets of headlines and descriptions that you want to use for your ads. And with the help of AI, it will choose the best combination for you. Here you can opt to get results in terms of CTR as well as conversion. See the screenshot below in which it has generated results based on CTR.

Superlines AB test CTR

Similarly, you can switch the result type to conversion and then it will adjust them accordingly.

Superlines AB test Conversion

Apart from A/B test, here it has an AI based ad generator as well. To generate an ad, you give it a bit of context and then it will show you the final optimized ad. Basically, you give it a headline and description and it will refine it and generate them after tweaking them a bit. See how it works in the screenshot below.

Superlines ad generator

In this way, you can make use of this powerful and simple Ad generation and optimization tool for now. With this, you can easily generate high quality ads that will convert.

Final thoughts:

If you are into digital marketing like line of work then you will like this tool here to generate and optimize your ads. I liked the simple, straightforward way that it works in. Just give it ad details and then it will optimize it for you. I also liked the A/B test tool and I am sure you will like it too. So, give it a try and let me know how you feel about it.

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