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Travelfoss is a free online website to showcase travel history with maps, bucket list, social posts, and itineraries. Here you can share an interactive map of the countries you have visited so far with route details. However, the route sharing feature is still a work in progress but for now, you can just share pictures from your trip and let others leave comments on you.

Think of Travelfoss as an entire community of travelers. You can create bucket lists and share that with other people. Also, you can peek through profiles of other users and check out their travel history and travel bucket list.

There are some other websites for travelers for travel blogging and related stuff like that. But Travelfoss is the prettiest among them due to its clean UI. As  traveler, you can leave your travel details on your profile such as budget, style, companion details, etc. You can like posts submitted by others, comments on them and you can post your own pictures or useful links to share them with the community.

Showcase Travel History with Maps, Bucket List Online Free Travelfoss

Showcase Travel History with Maps, Bucket List Online with Travelfoss:

In order to start using it, you only have to create a free account. After that, you can just start using it. The very first you have to do is complete your profile. You just add your information to it such as your address and location and a few other things such as bio and travel experience.

Next, you proceed further and then add countries that you have been to already. You can select multiple countries and your selected locations will be highlighted on the map that appears on your main profile. It will automatically add the stats such as number of countries and continents you have visited.

Travelfoss complete profile

After creating the profile, you can create a bucket list. In a bucket list, you can add our future destinations listed that you want to visit. Not only that but you can also add a specific activity that you want to do at a certain place. For example, if you want to stand under the Hollywood sign or drink a bear at Oktoberfest then you can just add these to your bucket list.

Travelfoss add countries to profile

Finally, after you have returned from your trip then you can share some moments with the community. This is like social media post and that you can publish by adding links and photos. All you posts will be displayed under your profile and people will be able to leave comments on it.

Travelfoss bucketlist

This way, you can make a traveler profile on Travelfoss and gain attention. Also, you can check out other travelers on the website and check out their bucket lists. You can like items in their bucket list and share your own.

Final words:

If you are a travel enthusiast then you will really love Travelfoss for its simplicity. You just create your traveler profile and showcase all your travel history to the world. What I liked best here is that here it offers a community of like-minded people that you can follow and learn a thing or two from each other.

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