REimagine: Redesign any Room with Differnt Objects Using AI

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REimagine is a free online tool that can redesign any room in seconds using AI. It basically takes a photo of your living room or bedroom and then, it tries to rearrange the objects in it using AI. It intelligently recognizes the objects in the room and then creates a mask. After that, it fills the mask with other objects that it finds suitable for that spot. If you’ve been thinking lately to see what other stuff can be added to your room, then this is the tool you need.

These days, there are a lot of AI based tools out there which you can use. From image generation to image upscaling, there are numerous other tools. And now here’s this tool called REimagine which is using AI to redesign any living room or bedroom. If you want to quickly see the various variations of different objects in your room layout, then this is the tool is what you will need. It is completely free to use And all you have to do is sign up for a free account online.

Redesign any Room with Differnt Objects Using AI

How to Redesign any Room with Differnt Objects Using AI?

Getting started with this AI based tool is very simple. Just go to its main website here and then quickly sign up for a free account.

After you log in and reach the main interface, you will have to upload a photo of a room. Now you can just click a picture of your living room or bedroom and upload it here. Or, you can simply download an image from Google or Bing if you just want to test it out.

After uploading your photo, you just have to wait for a few seconds until it processes the photo and all the objects in it. It will not take too much of your time.

REimagine Generating Design

And when it is done processing your photo, it will show you four different variations of your room with different objects in it. If you want, you can generate further variations if you want.

designs generated

Click on any AI generated photo of your room and then from here you can download it as well. You can download other variations of your room as well if you want to.

REimagine Download Generated Design

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful AI based tool to intelligently redesign your room. You can literally redesign any room you want and it will do that for you in a matter of seconds. This is a very simple and straightforward tool too and does what it says. However, do note the image generation is not perfect, especially when there are some complicated objects present in the photo.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking to redesign your current room then this tool here might come in the handy. Although not perfect, it will be able to show you some cool room layouts that you can try. And the objects that it fills your room with is also very nice. Overall, I liked the way this tool works and you should give it a try on your own and let me know what you think about it.

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