Improve English Pronunciation in British, American, Australian Accent

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YouGlish is a free website that helps you to improve English pronunciation. The website enables you to learn to pronounce in different accents. This is a perfect tool to improve your accents in the UK, US, and Australian accents. Basically, it offers you video content where you find native speakers pronouncing English words.

Here, you just need to input keywords. Then, the site fetches videos from YouTube. You can specify if you want to listen to words in British accents or Australian and American. For a particular word, the tool searches around 200 video results, even more than that. Then, you can understand the difference in pronouncing English words.

Besides that, the website provides you other information such as definitions, synonyms, word usage in a sentence and. Also, you can translate the word into other languages.

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Improve English pronunciation watching YouTube

Improve English Pronunciation with This Free Website

If you want to improve your English pronunciation, you can visit YouGlish website. This is a free tool which helps you to read and hear the words clearly. Also, you can set preferences like if you want to hear words in British English as well as American and Australian accents.

The tool requires you to enter a word. Then, it brings so many results where you actually find videos. The videos feature an English speaker who talks about meaningful subjects including those keywords which you enter. The video directly starts with the word you specify for the pronunciation. Suppose if you input a word “Precisely“, the tool shows videos from YouTube where you find a speaker starts pronouncing the word while talking on a particular subject.

Below that, you can read the sentences which the speaker speaks in a YouTube video. At this point, you can get a proper idea of how to talk like a native. If you click on a word, you will find synonyms, modal, and usage examples. Also, you can translate a word into other languages. The tool supports more than 40 languages including French, German, Dutch, Spanish, etc.

read definition and synonyms of a word

Apart from this, you get the detailed information regarding a specific word. You can find phonetics and tips to improve English pronunciation.

The website lets you save the video but for that, you have to sign up. And then, you can find all the saved in the section called My content. Similarly, you can save words too.

In brief

I truly find this website really helpful especially for those who want to improve their English Pronunciations. This online service is so simple to use. Just by mentioning a word, it offers hundreds of videos. Besides that, you can get detailed information for a word. You can try this website and use it for your students or suggest to your school goers.

Improve English Pronunciation from here.

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