Free AI based Recipe Generator for any Dish using Google PaLM 2

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Recipe Generator with AI is a free tool to get interesting recipes with ingredients available. This AI based recipe generator uses Google PaLM 2. Google PaLM 2 is a language model that brings AI abilities to all its products. Now with the help of this AI based recipe generator you can create delicious recipes in a matter of seconds.

You can just enter the ingredients you have available in your kitchen, or you can enter your dietary needs. The recipe generator will generate an appropriate recipe that will fulfill your needs and will also let you explore new flavors.

Let’s see how this recipe generator works:

Open the homepage of this app using the link given at the end of this article.

You will see a page like the one shown above. Scroll down this page and you will see the AI based recipe generator with a input box.

You can enter your dietary needs or ingredients available at home in this box. Then click on generate option. In a few seconds, a brand new recipe with quantity of ingredients will be shown to you as can be seen in the screenshot below. If at first the results are not generated properly you can run the query again as it is still in beta testing phase.

The recipe seen above shows you ingredients and the quantities that you require. Below the ingredients you will find the cooking instructions to a new generated dish.


Recipe Generator based on AI is a free new tool that will help you with a lot of things. It will provide you delicious recipes, it will keep in consideration your dietary needs, it will create recipes out of ingredients available at your home, etc. So when you feel like eating something different you can just simply put some ingredients in the box and the recipe generator will come up with a mouth watering dish for you.

Check out Recipe Generator here.

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