New Facebook: Introducing Changes to Facebook Page

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So far, Facebook has been able to supply a day or two old stories on your Facebook homepage. However, you might be one of those who do not visit Facebook on a daily basis. Hence, in order to read all the interesting new stories from the last time you visited your Facebook Wall, you go through everything to find the news that interests you. This actually makes you spend a lot of time searching and reading through those news posts. But not anymore.

Facebook has come up with a brilliant change in this regard that helps you to view all the top stories quickly since your last Facebook visit. Now at the very top of your Facebook news feed, you will find the number of top stories of your interest which happened since you last logged in. As soon as you click on “NEW STORIES” link, it will display all the posts in detail.


Once you click on “NEW STORY” link, you will find each new story on your Facebook Wall is indicated with a blue corner. This indicator makes it easier for you to separate the top new posts of your interest (like updates from friends, tags in photos, etc.) from the recent or older ones. By any means, if you click on that blue corner, it will dismiss the story and remove the top stories indicator.

Similarly, you can also mark a story as Top story by clicking on the top left corner. As soon as you click, that particular story will start showing the blue corner on it and Facebook indexes this change as your preference for marking Top stories in the future.

Make sure that people who remain logged-in on Facebook through-out the day, will not be able to take the advantage of this new change. They will still view the same layout containing the most recent news on top.

Another change that Facebook has turned up with is real-time news timer which is displayed at the right-side of your Facebook homepage. It will show the same posts that you have already been seeing on Facebook such as a friend commented on another’s photo, answered a question and so on. With all new changes in Facebook, you will be able to join the conversation right away because it brings updates instantaneously.


Some cool Facebook apps you can check out are subscribe button on Facebook, Empires and Allies and FileFly.

In short, the all new changes that Facebook has turned up with are excellent and make Facebook even easier to access.

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