How to Find Words on Landing Pages that Decrease Conversion Rate

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This is a quick tutorial to explain how  to find words on landing pages that decrease conversion rate. Better Copy is a free online tool that can find and list words from any website which might be affecting the overall user conversion rate. It uses standard lists for weasel, filler, and hedge words from GitHub. And combined with those, the developer as supplemented this list with multiple other articles about best practices.

Better Copy only takes the URL of a web page and scans all the text. It highlights the stop words that t find with 2 different colors. The words marked with red color need to be removed or replaced in order to have a high conversion rate. For now, there is no export option  on the website. After it generates the list of low converting words, you can simply save the current page as PDF. And then you can send that to the webmaster to adjust the website.

How to Find Words on Landing Pages that Decrease Conversion Rate?

Better Copy is a simple Flask based app that you can use to find low converting words. You can go to its homepage and then start usign it right away. There is no sign up or registration required in order to scan a website. There is a box on the website where you have to have paste the link of the webpage that you wish to scan for stop/low converting words.

Better Copy Main UI

Hit enter and then let it process the link. It will grab all the HTML of the webpage, convert it to the text, identify the misspelled words along with the low converting ones and will highlight hem. Orange color indicates the words which have low impact on conversion; they might be misspelled words. But the words highlighted with color red need to be replaced or removed in order to boost the conversion rate.

Better Copy in action

You can save the current page as PDF and then share it with the developer to fix the page. And in this way, you can use this tool on other websites to quickly find and analyze words that are causing low conversion rate on websites. Do note that this tool tries to crawl a given page so, in some cases it might now work and it will show you reobots.txt error. But I hope that resolves in the coming updates.

Final thoughts:

If you are in SEO line of works then you will like Better Copy. It will help you eliminate landing pages which might not be suitable for ad campaigns. You can just use this tool on any website and analyze the results that it produces. This is a simple and handy tool and it will definitely help you optimize the conversion for your website or websites of your clients.

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