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RunMyCode is a free website to run Code from GitHub. You can directly run code from GitHub and Gitlab. It adds a “Run” option on the interface of GitHub, so if you come across any code that you want to run, then hit that button. After that, it will show you the output of the code in a pop-up. It also comes with its own interface to run code and supports many programming languages like PythonGo, Ruby and Node.js. You can also supply command line arguments to the program before running the code.

Another nice feature of RunMyCode is that it lets you write and execute code on its interface as well. This is useful in case you don’t have the corresponding setup for the programming language on your PC whose code you want to run. You can write your own code and then run it with command line arguments. However, there are some limits such as you can only run code 1000 times a month. Also, your code shouldn’t access the internet.

RunMyCode run github code


Now, let’s see more about this free website to run code from GitHub.

Main Features of RunMyCode website to run Code from GitHub:

The real power of RunMyCode lies in running code from GitHub. It has its own Chrome and Firefox extensions that you can install on your browser. The extension will be used for direct login to the website and will let you run code on GitHub by adding a “Run” button.

Here are some of the main features of this website to run GitHub code online:

  • Completely Free: The biggest advantage of the website is that is completely free. There are no other pro plans and features. Though, it limits its usage, but still a good platform for running GitHub code online.
  • Code Highlight: The code editor of the website supports code highlighting. So, whatever language’s code you type, it will highlight the corresponding keywords and literals.
  • Run code with Command line Arguments: One thing most of the online code runner lack is this feature. And RunMyCode website has implemented this to pass to command line arguments to your code before running it.
  • Detailed Error Report: The output window of the RunMyCode behaves as the console of PC. And if there is anything wrong in the code, then it will show you the whole error report, so you can fix your code.
  • Draggable & Resizable Output Window: The output window is actually a pop up. So you can easily resize the output windows. Also, you can drag the output window to anywhere on the screen where it suits you.

How to use RunMyCode website to run Code from GitHub?

Running code from GitHub using RunMyCode website is very easy. You will need its browser extension or addon to do this. After you add extension, you will need to authorize it via entering the API key about which I have mentioned in the above section.

After adding the extension, an extra button “Run” will appear on GitHub. And when you open any code file on GitHub, then you can run that code in the same pop-up window using the “Run” button.

Follow these steps to run GitHub code online using RunMyCode:

Step 1: Add RunMyCode extension to your browser. Use this URL to download and add the extension. After you have added it, navigate to your dashboard by signing in using your GitHub account and then click on Show key.

RunMyCode show key

Step 2: Click on the icon of the extension and then click on “Options”. It will open the setting page of the extension where you have to copy-paste the API key. After submitting the key, you are ready to run code from GitHub very easily.

RunMyCode submit api key

Step 3: Open any page on GitHub which has that code you want to run. You will see a “Run” button that has been added by this extension. Simply click it to start running the GitHub code. The pop up window will appear in which you can type command line arguments if you want. And finally hit the Run button of the popup to get output. You can see the below screenshot.

RunMyCode run github code

This is how you can use RunMyCode website to run code from GitHub very easily. The website is pretty simple and easy to use. Even newbies will easily learn how to use it to run GitHub code online.

Final Words:

RunMyCode is really nice website to run code from GitHub. And you just have to click on a button to get the output of the desired code from GitHub.

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