Create Collaborative Boards with Snippets, Photos, Links with this Website

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Snypt is a free online tool to create collaborative boards with snippets, photos, links, color pallets. It is a community based online space where you create public or private bards and store your content. You can use it to save almost anything and then share that with others. You can even let others collaborate on your boards. This is a nice tool for programmers and testers to store a knowledge base. And that knowledge can be anything. You can create different boards and add different data in them. You can keep online tutorials, guides, and most commonly used code snippets there and share them with anyone.

Even though there are online web apps that you can use for team wiki, this is something different. General users can use this with ease. All you have to do is sign in using your Google account and start using it. The snippet part is good and it automatically recognizes the programming language. When you add an article link, it creates its preview and you can pin it forever. All the data that you submit there, will remain there till the service is up.

Create Collaborative Boards with Snippets, Photos, Links with this Websites

Create Collaborative Boards with Snippets, Photos, Links with this Websites:

Snypt is simple and straightforward online space where you can store and organize different kind of data. You just have to create a free account on its homepage and then you will reach the main dashboard. Now, first thing you have to do is verify your email and then create your first board. Give your board a name and then start adding content.

Snypt create board

In your board, you can add a different type of content. Click on the “+” icon and then select an option. Options for adding code, article, color palette is there. If you choose option to add code snippet then it will open a minimal code editor. You can paste your code there and add some additional notes to it. And it will automatically identify the programming language. But if it doesn’t then specify it explicitly.

Add snippet to board

In the same way, you can add the other type of data on your board. You can add links and photos to your board. Whatever you add to your board, add a small description there and save it. And you can do this thing on all the board you create in the same way.

Snypt add links

In this way, you can use this simple websites to store code snippets, photos, links, etc. You just create boards and then share them with anyone you want. In every board, there is a “Collaborator” option. You can use that to invite anyone via their email id to work with you. In the similar way others can invite you to their boards. The boards you are shared to will appear separately on its interface.

Closing thoughts

For quick knowledge sharing on collaborative boards, Snypt is one of the best free websites that I have ever come across. If you Google Sheets or bookmarks to store links and other information then you can stop doing that. Create a free account on Snypt and then use it in the way you want. Save data in private boards that you usually collect while browsing. And you can create publicly searchable boards as well if you want to.

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