Free Whiteboard Notebook App for MAC with Everlasting History

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Fadeboard is a free whiteboard notebook app for MAC with everlasting history. It lets you create different boards and you can create as many notes you want. It organizes notes based on date and time. You can always go back and find old notes as it never deletes the history. This is a simple app with a simple interface. It actually makes the old notes fade away instead of deleting them and I think which is why its name is Fadeboard. Apart from notes taking, you can share those with some of your team members as well.

If you have ever used a whiteboard notebook then you will easily understand this app. The app is completely free and there is no need to sign in. You can create notes in any manner and add them to the board. It will keep organize them and if you wish to see your old notes then you can do that. Additionally, there is an option in the app to set the fade time of your board. There are no other things on the board and the interface is pretty much distraction-free.

Using this Free Whiteboard Notebook App for MAC with Everlasting History:

As I have already mentioned that you don’t need any sign-up or registration in order to make this app work. You can install this app from MAC app store by signing in your Apple account.

FadeBoard on app store

Now, simply open the app and then start creating notes. The interface of the app will show you can click anywhere on the empty UI to create a note. You can add anything in the note you create and then save it. If you wish then you can delete a note as well. However, all the history will be preserved.

FadeBoard in action

To change a note, you can right-click on it and see available options. Also, you can switch to the settings option where you can set the fade time. With this option, you are specifying, after how many days, it will fade your board. And you can do this for any board you have created in the app.

FadeBoard Fading Time

This is all about this simple whiteboard notebook app that you can use. Just get it from the app store and then use it to write down ideas and any other thoughts instantly while you are at work or just sitting at home. This app can work for almost all kind of people.

Final thoughts

Fadeboard is an interesting app for MAC that you will like. It stores all the notes in a card-like manner that you can drag and drop anywhere you like. I liked the fact you can create any number of boards you want and add notes in them. The team sharing option is there but will start functioning in the next update.

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