Bodega: Free Alternative For Mac App Store

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Bodega is a free alternative for Mac App Store. The application has most of the common applications that are not available on the Mac App Store. Bodega App Store is a better in functionality and looks than the Mac App Store.

I was surprised that this application looked so amazing and is better than the in-built App Store. The application look way better than the inbuilt app store; it looks like a little shop. The way the interface is laid out makes it easier and simpler to navigate through apps and download them.

bodega screenshot

Anyone who is enthusiastic about apps should download this application. This application existed before the Mac App Store, its beta version was out in 2010 and the Mac App Store was released about a year later.

Some of the most common applications like VLC Media player, Dropbox, Adium, VirtualBox, Google Chrome, etc. are not available in the Mac App Store which is seriously disappointing. Applications like the above are the de facto for most of the users across other platforms as well. After I spent a little time Playing with this application, the Mac App Store kind started looking boring.

The application uses the screen real estate in a better way than the Mac App Store and provides a much clear and better looking interface. The way it displays applications and divides them into categories makes it really easy to search, explore, and download any application.

Bodega has divided the applications into 20 categories. When you open up the application you will see the featured selection, which are divided into sections like: New Release, ShopKeeper’s Picks, Top Free, and Top Paid Apps.

bodega interface

When installed, Bodega Scans the computer and collects data about installed applications. It will display notification if an update is available for the application. It is not necessary that the application should be installed on your Mac was installed via Bodega; if it is available in Bodega, it will update the application.


Bodega is good for the developers as well as its users, there is no sign up fee for developer unlike Apple which charges $100 per year. When you purchase an application from Bodega, it only takes 7% of the share in contrast to Apple’s 30%. In this manner more of the proceeds go towards the developer. The developer can also offer free trial application here, while The Mac App Store does not have such thing.

How to install Bodega:

To start with the installation of Bodega first click here to download the application. After you have downloaded the file, just unzip it and move Bodega into the application folder. Now you are done with installation and you can enjoy running this free alternative for Mac App Store.


Bodega is a really good alternative for the in-built App Store. It allows you to search and download applications in a simple and straight forward interface. The application’s interface looks amazing and is better compared to the built-in app store in feature as well as interface.

After using this application for a while the Mac App Store looked and felt disappointing. Try out this application and search, explore for new apps. This application will also keep all your applications up-to-date, even those that were downloaded from a different source.

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Works With: Mac OS X 10.6 and above
Free/Paid: Free

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