Search Text Inside Screenshots with This Free iPhone App

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In this article, you will know how to search text inside screenshots. For that, I’m reviewing a free iPhone app that you can use to make all your screenshots searchable just by its text.

Screenshot Hero is a free app that goes through your screenshot and takes out the one you needed. All you have to add a keyword/text and then this app scans your screenshot to fetch the one for you.

Because this is pretty obvious that your phone has a bunch of screenshots. But the one image you needed is always hidden in the screenshot collection. Ultimately you find it hard to find the required image/screenshot as you have to scroll carefully looking at all the images. Luckily this app here performs as a hero of screenshots. Let’s explore the app more and know how it works.

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Search Text Inside Screenshots with This Free iPhone App

Search Text Inside Screenshots with This Free iPhone App

First of all, you have to make sure that your phone has this app (Screenshot Hero) downloaded. This is a free app that you can easily get from the App Store for free.

Once installed, you can launch the Screenshot Hero app. First, of course, it prompts permission to access your photos so that the app can scan through your taken screenshots.

You can allow the app to do so and you will notice, the app has now all the screenshots from your phone to the app. Here, you will also see the search bar on the top. At this point, you can enter any word that you think should be in the screenshot.

add a keyword to find the screenshot

Suppose you take a lot of screenshots of memes and now all the memes have lost in the group of pictures. Here what you need to do is type a word in the search bar. Doing so the app goes through the text inside the screenshot and brings it up separately.

Apart from this, you can customize the result of showing the photos. By tapping on the three horizontal lines, you can show all the photos, show photos with text only, scan only screenshots, or scan all photos.

In brief

It is pretty easy to search text inside the screenshot. Screenshot Hero does a great job of doing that. You just need to install the app and it automatically fetches all your screenshots in one place. Once you enter the word, the app brings the screenshot on the top. It becomes easier for you to find any memes, important documents on your phone just by the text.

Download the app.

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