3 Online Concrete Poem Maker Free Websites

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In this blog post, you will read about 3 online concrete poem maker free websites. Concrete poetry is also known as Shape poetry. This is a type of poetry where you can wrap the words in a specific shape. Also, the shape illustrates the meaning of the poem. But sometimes people find it a bit hard to settle down the words within a shape. For that, I’m covering a few online concrete poem makers to make your work easier. Using these online poem generators, you can create concrete poems in minutes. All you need to think of is a few words, put the words in poem generators. And then hit the generate button in order to create a concrete poem.

Two of these sites let you create poems in different forms. These websites also work as acrostic poem maker, limerick poem maker, haiku poem maker, etc. You can create sonnets, tanka, Quatrains, and others. Also, you can share these poems with your friends. One of the sites lets you add colors, change font style, shapes and so on.

Let’s create concrete poems using these websites.

1. Poem Generator

Online concrete poem maker

Poem Generator is an online concrete poem maker. The website lets you generate poems in different ways. You can make Acrostic poems, Haiku poems, Limerick poems, and others.

To make a concrete poem, you have to follow two parts. Firstly, you have to select a shape in which you want to fix your text. The dropdown has shapes like a cat, dog, guitar, pumpkin, Santa, etc. After choosing the shape, you can enter words one by one in the boxes below. The words can be related to nouns, adjectives, color, size, etc. You can also take ideas of different words by clicking on Suggest. Doing so, the poem generator provides random words. Thereafter, you can click on Write me a poem button in order to get the shape to make a concrete poem.

In the second part, you need to enter lines with different number of letters. Once you’re with entering lines, you can hit the button titled Write me a poem. And then you will see your concrete poem is ready with the shape you selected.

2. Creative Communication

Online concrete poem maker

Creative Communication is another free website which works as a concrete poem maker. Besides that, you can create Acrostic, Quatrain, Haiku, Sudoku, types of poem.

To create your concrete poem, you can enter the title of the poem. Then, you can enter text in different lines. This poem generator lets you add more lines to write. Also, you can mark the option if you want your poem in the center or not. After that, you can click on the Blue button located below. Then, you can edit the poem if it’s needed and click on Next. After that, you will see your concrete poem is created.

3. Word Art

Online Concrete Poem Maker

Word Art is a good concrete poem maker. The site lets you create concrete poems in different shapes. You can use shapes like UFO, Man, Snowman, etc. You can create concrete poems by adding words, shapes, fonts, layout, and style.

In order to create a concrete poem, you have to enter words. The poem generator lets you import words via CSV or paste from Excel. After importing text, you can remove numbers, common words from the file imported as excel. You can paste the text in the interface. Once you add words, then you can choose shapes like a cloud, heart, animals, etc. In this way, you can customize the output of your concrete poem. When you’re done with that, you can click on the Visualize button located on the right. You can also take prints of your created concrete poem.

In brief

The concrete poem is good to convey thoughts through art rather than words. It is fun to add text or lines in these poem generators. You can fix words in a shape like an animal, objects, person, etc. So try these online concrete poem makers and create poems in various shapes.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 12 Average: 3.2]

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