5 Letter Recognition Games Online Free

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This post is about 5 Letter Recognition Games Online available for free that helps kids to learn the alphabets. We all know that kids are much more into playing games and they don’t study with the same amount of enthusiasm. But what if games become their education path? You can teach kids in an interesting way by letting them play these online letter recognition games. Once they learn the letters through these games they might develop their confidence and interest in studies.

Kids are always excited and curious to learn new things. Whether it’s about education or any other activity. They involve themselves completely. This is a fact that kids always love to play. Playing these letter recognition games lets them enhance their skills and develop their minds. Undoubtedly, educational games make children smarter.

Let us check these online letter recognition games one by one.

1. TurtleDiary


Turtle Diary is a website that provides many games for kids. It has multiple activities like Games, Videos, Quizzes, Puzzles and coloring sheets, etc. I Spy Alphabet is an alphabet recognition game in this website that helps the kids in their education also. This is an exciting game to recognize alphabets. In this game, you have to be a spy and a letter appears on the screen and four pictures are given below that contain four different letters. You have to find the picture with the same letter from the four pictures given. If it matches then it will take you to another level.

This game is fun for kids to play. As you can see in the above image, you have to match the single letter M with the picture of the same letter given below. This method is a simple and interesting way to enhance letter recognition skills for kids.

2. ABCYa.com

Monster mansion

ABCya is a very popular website that has many educational games. Kids can play games according to their grades. The website is specially designed for parent and teachers so that they can teach students of different grades. This is a good website for elementary students. It offers hundreds of fun games. Also, it has many categories within each grade. You can see in the above image, that I played a game named Monster Mansion which is an alphabet matching game.

In this game, you can see a monster mansion with windows. Each window has a monster standing with a letter and a word. You have to match those letter to the correct picture. You can see the image above. For example, to match letter D you have to click D -> Dolphin. Once you match the letter with the word, those two windows will break down. Thereafter it will show you another letter with another word. This is an interesting way to recognize letters.

3. Education.com

Alphabet space photoshoot

Education.com has many smart games for different grades. It does not have just one category but hundreds of category to play games. It nurtures every child’s passion, enhances their learning skills and helps them in education. Alphabet Space Photoshoot is one of the games provided on the website.

The game has an outer space scene where a child has to listen to the voice and then recognize the letter on screen. Then they have to click on the letter appearing on screen to capture it. It is like, a kid is taking a photograph of a letter. This is a fun way to learn about letters.

4. Literactive


Literactive is a good website that offers online games and other activities for kids. It is free to use. It offers the letter game in which all the alphabets are scattered on your screen. Now you have to arrange them in proper sequence starting from A. You can choose to play the game with uppercase or lowercase letters. There is also a timer running, showing a the time in which you have to complete the game or its game over for you. This game not just helps a kid in learning alphabets but also becomes fun as they are competing against time. It also lets you know what all the mistakes you have made. Then you can take care of all the mistakes the next time you play.


Puppy hop

Word Game Time has many word games. It has games for fun and educational purposes. Puppy Hop is a word game. The game has four puppies of different colors. You can choose your own color of puppy and can also name the puppy. Tennis balls are placed with different letters. The game voice speaks out a letter and the child has to recognize which ball has that letter. Thereafter, you have to click on that tennis ball on which the letter has been mentioned. The puppy will jump on the ball and other 3 puppies will do the same. The game is like a race. So make sure you are listening to your letter carefully and then win the race.

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In brief

We as a mentor or parent, teach kids in order to enhance their learning power. These online games websites help them recognize letters, uppercase, lowercase. It boosts their mind and makes them smarter. Since our generation is much more into devices like computer and mobile phones. So with the help of these websites, we can help them grow in a positive and intelligent way.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 1.5]

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