2 Free WPS File Converter Software for Windows

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This post mentions some best free WPS converter software for Windows. The software I have mentioned in this post take a WPS file from you and help you convert it to other formats such as Text, HTML, and other document formats. However, they don’t support batch processing which is why if you have multiple WPS files to convert then you will have to do the conversion in sequential manner. Both the tools that I have mentioned here are very simple and take only a few clicks for WPS conversion. You can choose the target format based on your requirements and then proceed accordingly.

WPS files are created by the Microsoft Works software which has discontinued now. This is basically a rich text document like DOCX or DOC file that you create via Microsoft Office. The problem is that WPS files are document files but still are not supported by a lot of office suites today. So, if you have some old WPS documents and want to view their contents then it is wise to convert them to other formats first. And I have added a couple of free tools in this post. You just open them and feed them the WPS files that you want to convert and get the final files. It is simple as that.

2 Free WPS File Converter Software for Windows:

WPS Converter

WPS Converter in action

WPS Converter is a free and simple WPS File converter software for Windows. Here this is a straightforward software that you can use to convert any WPS file to TXT or HTML format. It simply takes a WPS file from you and help you save it in other formats. There are no conversion parameters there you just select the WPS file, specify the destination where you want to save the final converted file and then you are simply done. However, the only limitation here is that it only supports 2 formats to save the WPS file. This is helpful in case where you only want to get content of the WPS file and read them.

Just head to the download page of the software using the above link and then you can simply get the software and install it. Next, you just get the input WPS file ready to specify in the software. After you have specified the file, you can simply enter the path to destination file after selecting the output format and then you are simply done. Just find the converted file in the destination folder and then you are free to whatever you like.

LibreOffice Writer

WPS Converter LibreOffice

LibreOffice Writer is another application which can open WPS files without any problems. Not only that, it can even convert the WPS file to a lot of formats that you will like. With this free office suite, you can convert any given WPS file to DOCX, DOC, PDF, HTML, and many other formats that it supports. The best part is that you can open the WPS file here like any other document here and even make some edits. And after that, you just have to save it any format you want or you can export it as PDF file with ease.

LibreOffice is a very nice alternative to Microsoft Office and supports almost all kin of MS Office files for viewing and editing. WPS files are kinda old which is why to open them in Microsoft Office, it will be wide to convert them first. And to do that, you can use the Writer application of LibreOffice which is equivalent to MS Word. Here you can simply open the WPS file and then make edits if you want to. After that, you can simply use the File > Save as option to save the WPS file in any format that you want.

With the Save as option, you can save the WPS file in DOCX format and others like HTML and Word formats. To save the WPS file in PDF like formats, you have to use the Export option in the same menu of Writer application.

Final thoughts

These are the only free software that I could find to convert a WPS file to plenty of other formats. So based on which format, you want to convert a WPS file that you have and do whatever you want. If you only want to convert the WPS file to HTML or TXT file then you can try WPS Converter. And if you want to convert the file to other popular formats such as MS Word or PDF then you can use LibreOffice Writer. Both the software work on WPS file and you are free to try any of these.

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